PDD-NOS The Other End of the Spectrum

Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS) on the other side of the autism spectrum


GFCF diet

Hi, I'm going back and forth about starting my almost 3yr old daughter on the GFCF diet. She eats quite well, I don't have a hard time getting her to eat healthy, but she does...


Inside voice

I feel like I'm constantly shushing Gage and reminding him to use his "inside voice" and he has also been getting frowny faces at school for being too loud (on his behavior...


new diagnosis-pdd-nos

hi i am mum to lewis, age 6 with severe adhd, sensory & sleep dysfuction & complex autistic needs-which had now just had an diagnosis of pdd-nos. just wondered if anyone had any...