Safer Vaccine Schedule

April - posted on 11/08/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




I found a safer vaccine schedule a couple of years ago when my son was first diagnosed with PDD-NOS. I know there is a lot of controversy with vaccines and the connection with autism. While I personally do not feel vaccines CAUSE autism, I do believe that our children are over vaccinated and I do think there is a connection in that if a child is predisposed to autism, I do believe that vaccines can act as a trigger. That is just my personal opinion based on my research, I know that others feel the vaccines are the root cause of autism and I am in no way arguing that point (I don't want to start a debate here :-) Everyone has their own opinion and I respect that. This vaccine schedule is one that I have followed since my son was 2 years old, it just makes total sense to me. (one vaccine at a time, spaced out to give the immune system time to recover, etc.). It was written by a doctor. Anway, I hope others find it helpful.



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