Sense of Reality?

Carri - posted on 05/02/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




Is it an ASD thing where my son seems to have no sense of reality and pretend.. i mean he doesn't play pretend but he doesn't seem to grasp that a movie is just that.. A MOVIE... he thinks if someone has a gun/knife they will REALLY kill someone and freaks out the second he sees that person.

Also does anyone notice their kid reacts to ENERGY?
Brian will only react to energy.. if he watches a movie and there is no action/energy he just sits almost bored.. but if there is a chase scene or lots of energy he is up running like crazy "mimicking" the scene TO A T!


Jess - posted on 09/25/2011




It is very possible that this is related to having a spectrum disorder. He's having difficulty discerning what is reality and what is pretend. Try to show him examples of "play" by acting out something yourself, and explaining that it's just pretend, and have him try it too. Maybe try to find actors that play different roles so he can see that they are playing different people. Whatever examples you show or pretend to be yourself, stay away from something that might scare him. As far as the energy, this seems to be something he is connecting with and enjoys, so he's going to be more attentive to it. My kiddo will completely zone out everything when he's sucked into something he likes and then he will imitate too. Just remember to redirect behavior if it's not acceptable for your household and you may have to limit viewing those sorts of things if it becomes a negative issue.

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