High risk pregnancy brought out perinatal depression.

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I am 26 weeks pregnant with my second child. My daughter will be 2 in February. I am actually due on her birthday (how ironic!) My husband and I are super excited to be pregnant again. It took us about 6 months to concieve this baby (my daughter was concieved the first month we tried.) We are also super excited to find out that this baby is a boy. So now we will have a girl and a boy and we both decided that we only wanted to have 2 children so this is perfect for us.

Everything was going well up until week 14 when I did my glucose tollerence test. (I had to have it early because I had Gestaional Diabetes with my first pregnancy). Of course it turned up positive that I had Gestational Diabetes once again. So I started testing my blood sugars at home, which eventually led to the start of insulin very early off because my sugar levels were out of control.

Then I was referred to a high risk doctor due to the diabetes. At our 20 week ultrasound my husband and I were heart broken to hear that our baby has an increase risk of downs syndrome due to a thickening of the nuchal fold in the back of the neck. We knew that we wanted this baby reguardless of his health status, so we declined the amniocentisis. We will now wait patiently until delivery to see if he has this or not.

I also had a scare of preterm labor at 24 weeks. I was cramping and contracting and spent the day on the antipartum unit to find out that a bacterial infection was causing all these symptoms of preterm labor. Luckily I caught it early and was treated with antibiotics and was sent home.

After all of these scares and complications it brought out signs of depression. It is very hard to take on the daily tasks of life with a 2 year old and pregnancy. I talked this over with my OB and she also agreed that it would be a good idea to start treatment for depression since I also suffered from post partum depression with my first pregnancy. She put me on 50 mg of Zoloft and said that this medication is relatively safe during pregnancy and breast feeding. I really hope that this works to make things easier to cope with. At the same time I am also concerned because I have heard that babies born to mothers who took Zoloft during the 3 trimester (which I just started) have withdrawl symptoms and can have health problems after birth.

I would greatly appreciate anyones feedback who has gone through a similar situation or has used Zoloft during pregnancy/breast feeding and how it worked out for you. Thanks all!


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Sarah - posted on 08/03/2010




Hi Sorry that i have not replied back sooner busy mum of three and dont have much time.

I was and still am on something called Sertraline which is safe in pregnancy and im sure your OB would not give you anything that will harm your baby.

I would like to think the withdrawl symptoms you had with your baby were minimal and it was similar to mine where they had slight jibbers/shakes (which most babies get anyway)

Breast fed two of my kids on medication and they are both well!

Hope everything is going well and you are still continuing with the medication as i was told i need to be well 6 mths without having a relapse

hope all is well and you are enjoying your new (well 6mth) baby boy

Sarah x

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