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Awesome Makeup Blog

Hi. I'm a mom who loves makeup. I am a makeup artist and I recently started a makeup blog where I post different looks and tutorials. Check it out:...



I just wanted to share my experiance with Aveeno Face Moisturizer. " It's awesome! " I had a hard time with redness around my eye brows and nose, & dry spots and oily forhead....


Smudge-proof mascara?

Does anyone have any recommendations for a truly smudge free mascara? I'm currently using waterproof but it's just as smudgy. I'm a busy SAHM and mascara is one of the few...


Health & Beauty

After having all of my children there were different things that has happened to my body such as my skin it's become more oily and sweaty, I constantly change deodorants,...



Lately I've been breaking out like a teenager and I'm 28. Does anyone know of a zit cream that actually works or something that actually gets rid of blackheads?



what kind of foundation, if any, do you use and what do you love/hate about it? i work in cosmetics and i love hearing about everyone's favorite products. helps me make...


Is love enough?

I'm a 29-yr old mom of a beautiful recently 6-yr old daughter. I have been with her dad for 7yrs. & have never gotten married, but engaged forever. Her dad & I love each other,...