compounding while pregnant?

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I work as a tech in a compounding pharmacy and the girl who is training me is pregnant. She is still compounding because I just started and am not fully trained yet. I'm a little worried about her working with hormones and pain killers as masks are not absolute protection against powders.My sister (who is a tech at the other compounding pharmacy in town) told me that her boss said if she were to get pregnant she would not be able to work in the lab anymore. Just wondering if any of you have compounded while pregnant and what your doctor said about it.


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Sorry, I haven't had any experience with that. Going on common sense, I would probably be comfortable if I was wearing gloves that would protect my skin from any contact with the creams, ointments, drugs etc.

If there is a chance that things are aerosolized, I would only compound those items in a hood.

I think the risks would have to be determined like you would if you would actually be taking the medication yourself. Is the drug you are compounding category D pr X during pregnancy? If so, then you should have someone else compound it. Category A through C, what are the risks? Are you comfortable taking the risk?

Hope that helps. Sorry it's 3 months after your question. I hardly ever look at Circle of Moms.

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