Pierced / Tattooed moms

a community for the younger moms who had a life before n still do. Somewhere to vent n not to b judged. A place where u really dont talk bout changing diapers and ask lots of questions that truly need outsiders answers.


did u get ababy tat?

n what was it inspired from as soon as second ilds born it will b my xms present to myself ( due in nov)


Am i alone on this one?

I read bout these moms who r have kids same mnth as mine sayin they do this n that say n do. I dont kno if they r hallucinating or think a simple silly baby thing really is them...


Whip It

good movie go watch it! make u want to beat some ass! one of the main stars plays a mom



so dont u love it when u have to take all ur piercings out for the delivery n then forget to put back in or got lost n have them close. i had a labret piercing its in my ear...



U join the contest but not the group? more contest n good discussions to come. I am a stay at home mom that subs my son is the best n worst part of my day, i still like to go...


Swing, when u take it away?

I want to trade his swing for new big boy toys n not sure if i will regret it? Its just a pain to carry from dining room to living room. And he hates to b confined.


workin mommie sleep deprived

so since i started work (temporaily for 6 wks) n my son has decided to get up every 2 hrs! not cuz of teethin n not real hungry, so hes been in bed w me. i kno bad but easier to...


join in

they r shuttin down inactive communities soooo lets get active. Vent, brag, anything put it here!



another nite of actually gettin drunk since the birth of my child not as often in the past but enjoyin it.!! gots a roomie n the dad to help out anyone else able to hang loose...