Pilates On My Mind

I love Pilates and I know there are a lot of woman out there who love it too! Lets talk about it, share advice and stories and supports those who are interested in doing it! Pilates on my mind and a body to change!


Do the 100's

If you do the 100's everyday you will see a difference in 2 weeks - it's easy! Lay flat on your back Bend your knees and straighten the legs at a 90* angle Straighten your arms...


Who does Pilates?

Hi Everybody! I have just started this wonderful group and I thought I would kick it off with this question - Who Does Pilates? Everybody at every age can do Pilates and it's...


2010 Bring On Pilates

Let's make this year a Pilates focused time - Pilates is fun and it suits everybody - Give your body the change it deserves and keep that way - Make it a part of your lifestyle


For A Sunnier Outlook!

Life throws a lot at you. Sometimes your body needs a little extra help from nature to handle the pressure. Luminex, with a combination of St. John's wort and ginkgo biloba,...