plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome)

Does you baby have a funny shaped or flat head? My son has plagiocephaly and is currently being treating for this. Have you been told by your GP that it's normal, or baby will grow of it, or nothing can be done? Please get in touch,


Hello all

My son is 20 months old and has had his helmet now for over 8 months... The improvement is great... Would love to chat to others out there... Please remember to promote tummy...



Yes, my son has plagiocephaly and currently wears a "helmet." It's really called a Doc Band. There are only so many places around the country that help treat plagiocephaly. If...


Flat head syndrome

Eve has the flattening at the back of her head, and yesterday we noticed that her head is starting to bulge over her ears. We are taking her to the pediatrician for her 6 month...


Flat head syndrome!

It's not normal to have flat head and NO it does not go away by itself. My daughter at 3 months was diagnosed with flat head syndrome. I highly recommend using Baby Moon...