Plus Size and Pregnant

Any mom who is expecting and on the plus side.


plus size pregnant and single.

I am a single mom to be. I haven't been on many sites I am due April 10,2013... I Have been bloated and ache and feeling pressure on my lower back, hoping not having this baby...


When did you start showing?

I know it takes longer to start showing if you are plus size but just curious. I get a lot who say 22 weeks. I'm 18 right now and its just my upper belly I already had being...



Hello! My name is Samantha and Im 23, soon to be 24 at the end of the week. I have struggled with being plus size off and on throughout my whole life. The last few years Im...



I found out I was expecting our second child on Feruary 4! My estimated due date is October 8 or 9th! I am so excited and so surprised. It took us almost 1 year to conceive our...


A Little Introduction

Hey! My name's Beverly. Im a 21 yr old engaged to married mom of two little girls. My oldest is six and my youngest is 14months. Im expecting another little one on June 28 2010....