Plymouth County MA Moms (and surrounding)

This is a community for moms who currently live in, or have lived in Plymouth County, Massachusetts and surrounding neighborhoods..


New to Plymouth

Hello All ! My name is sara and my family and I just moved out here from Wisconsin. I have two kids one is 6 years (Ayman) and the other is 14 months (Nuaym). I am looking to...



so has anyone gone to see the easter bunny yet? Hopefully we can go this weekend at the S S Plaza. They just need to get over being sick.


Picture Suggestions

I need to get Kadey's 6 month pics done soon and was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions for a place around here to get them done. I like the candid type photos way...


Going back to work

Just curious how old your little ones were when you returned to work...i'm starting to think about it and am having a hard time imagining her in full time daycare and she is...



As soon as your baby is born you will forever have your heart outside your body - even when they are in their teens and twentys! Rock on Mommys!