For mothers that are strugling coaping with Post Natal Depression,


PND Research STudy

I am a researcher and PPD survivor. For my doctoral dissertation, I am conducting a study on working moms with PPD. I would appreciate it if you could take about 10 minutes to...

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I feel like everyone I know is dead and I'm alone.

I am 24, still in college, and have a very insignificant administrative support job. This leads me to a lack of self-worth on top of what I am about to say: I love my...

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How did you cope? Did you realise you had PND?

Hi, just wanted to tell you my story of PND. After giving birth to my son 19 years ago, I sank into PND. I didn't realise it, just thought everything was too much, life was too...

Started by Jan on 09/30/2009 in PND

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hi i am new

hi, i thought i got over my pnd. but its crept back. i am a mum of a 14 yr old and a 14 month old, at the mo i am finding it hard to cope. i moved house 8 months ago and...

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hi i'm new.

hi,i'm a mum of 3 kids a7 yr old,almost 4 yr old and a 10 mo old.i have suffered PND with all 3 and am only now feeling like i might actually be getting youngest has a...

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Is this normal?

I am 19. I had my daughter when I was 18, and now I suffer from PND. My daughter is a beautiful 13 month old and I adore her so much. When she was 3months old, my father was in...

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Started by Shana on 05/12/2010 in PND

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Mommy of a 2 month old

well ever since I has my son 2 months ago I have been really depressed but haven't been able to cope with it. I am the only one taking care of my son cause his father works a...

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I love the logo did you draw it? I'm still suffering Post Natal Depression and if it is not that it's Depression. How are you coping with everything?

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for any one that has resantly just joint my pnd page i would like to welcome you and hope we can help each other out.

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