I don't understand how this happens...

Karla - posted on 06/29/2011 ( 54 moms have responded )




How can she be a Presidential Candidate? She counts John Quincy Adams (b. 1767) as a founding father, I just don't get it.

Forget debate, someone explain this to me.


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Karla - posted on 06/29/2011




@Mary, when you hear about polls, beware of who they polled. I understand she is ahead in the Iowa polls, but I also understand the Iowa GOP is extreme right.

Even though she might win the primaries -- though I have trouble imagining that-- I don't think she could win the presidential race, but then again I didn't think GW Bush could either.

@Joy, thanks for the information on her husband. I had read a little about him, and her family. I wonder where all those foster kids are now.

Here is what I really don't like, in a situation where one speaks some misinformation; I feel the right thing to do is own it. Say, Oh yeah, I misspoke, Or I was speaking of the founding fathers who joined the Abolitionist movement of that time, etc. Not, Oh I was speaking of a founding father's little bitty boy who I like to call another founding father.. What the heck. If she cannot own up to or properly defend her own misinformation, than how will she run a country?

On other sites I have only heard excuses - such as Liberals are afraid of her, or the liberal media wants to hurt her, or she meant blah, blah blah and doo dee doo.

What I want to hear is why anyone would still support her.

JL - posted on 06/29/2011




I have my ticket to Canada ready just in case the world falls apart and we become an Idiocracy with Bachmann at the head. I would like to think Americans are far to intelligent to actually vote for her but the support she is receiving lately is showing maybe I am to hopeful in my thinking. I have no explanation just disappointment.

ME - posted on 06/29/2011




That's funny...I knew this was going to be about Bachmann's candidacy before I even opened the thread...she is either a moron, or an evil narcissistic bitch...I like to believe the best of people; so, in this case, I hope she's really just THAT dumb...What I don't understand is HOW ON EARTH she can be leading the republican polls...smh...

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