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Bored 20 month old

[deleted account] ( 8 moms have responded )

Hi moms,

I was wondering what you guys do as activities when it's raining. My little guy would be outside 24/7 but with the amount of rain we got in the past few weeks, I realized that nothing in the house seems to be enjoyable to my little guy. He has mega blocks, cars, toys that play music and ABC's, books, teddy bears, movies, etc...

the only thing he wants to do in the house is draw and that only works for 30 minutes or so... After that, he gets bored and starts drawing on the furniture or licks the markers...

Any suggestions?


Jess - posted on 06/25/2010




Do you have a car garage ? If so, perhaps moving the cars out and bringing some of his outdoor toys into the garage to play with may help. At the very least it will increase the variety of choices he has. Perhaps an indoor play centre in your local area might be fun for a few hours !

[deleted account]

play dough?

Goop --equal parts cornstarch and water -messy but so easy to clean up because when it dries it goes back to powder and comes out of everything.

We also when it is warm enough go out and play in the rain. We puddle jump, we make mud pies, we watch leaves and sticks flow down the sewer grate in the parking lot and worm watch.
Kids wash, so do clothes. And for the most part the day care kids all have rain gear of some sort (William has everything, he loves the rain... he tries to steal his Dad's umbrella regularly).

I will think up more when I am less tired. It was a busy day.


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Elizabeth - posted on 07/20/2010




try making some playdoh. Have water time in your sink with some cups and spoons. Make gak with cornstarch and water. Play dressup.
There are lots of creative ideas. A lot of malls and such have indoor playplaces for kids. Sometimes you can even find a gym that is especially for little kids. Indoor swimming pools are wonderful.

[deleted account]

Thank you so much to all of you! I will definitely try the play dough and look into all your suggestions!
The pre-school activity bag sounds awesome! I think part of our problem here is that the toys we have for him are a little too young and don't challenge him enough so I will definitely look into more advanced activities.


Yes we do have a car garage were we don't put cars but my husband being a mechanic stores his tools and motorbike he's fixing up... Nothing much can be done right now to make this place safe enough which sucks. However, we are moving in a few months and will definitely be looking into making this space more kiddo friendly!

I would love to have him play in the rain but the past few rains were so cold it was unbearable to be outside. I don't mind the dirty clothing or anything like that... I am harmed with great laundry soap and a sunlight soap bar. no stain or mud will worry me but my little one getting sick is something else... Hopefully, the next rains will be warm and will allow us to play in the rain!

Thanks again to all of you! It's great to get your feedback!

[deleted account]

ever had one of those tiny trampolines that you hold and bounce on? Fold up under a bed and are great for boys on rainy days!
build a cubby and have a picnic in it.

Have you ever looked at pre-school activities in a bag? Takes some setting up, but oh so worth it.

What about a mini obstacle course?

My eldest son was very active - we ended up putting paving round our garden so he could still go out in his little car, or use push along toys when it was raining! he loved it!
I also used to but him in his wet weather gear and throw a ball from the back door at that age!!

[deleted account]

Haha! Roxanne (21 months) colored one arm green and the other red today!

Does he enjoy doing chores? lmao. Just kidding! Roxanne often follows me around the house helping me clean or do laundry so that way when she naps I can sit down and enjoy myself!

Coloring, painting, puzzles....oh, my goodness....I'm drawing a blank...I'll get back to you! It rains a TON here too and I know I have more tricks up my sleeve but for some reason I'm drawing a blank and it's late so I'ma head to bed!


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