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Any ideas? We're POOR these days and I'm trying to come up with new, fun, educational, entertaining and FRRRRREEEEE things to do. I've recently decided that we're going to plan a trip to the library once a week to get out of the house and do something fun and educational.

What do you do? Any other ideas?


Jessica - posted on 02/25/2011




The library is great!! Ask if they have any special story hours for the kids. We go to our public library every Tuesday Evening for BedTime story hour. The kids love going in there PJs.

I babysit 4 kids daily so I am also always looking for cheap fun things for the kids to do. They always have fun with different art projects. Look online for some ideas. I always go to the Christmas Tree Shops and grabs crafts for them to do. Often times they are $1 each.

Call around to zoos and museums in your area. Alot of the times they have a free day.

Nice weather is also around the corner and the park is a great FREE place to have fun!!

JuLeah - posted on 02/21/2011




Penny hike ... take a penny and at each corner, give it a flip. Heads you go left, tails you go right. Have a list of things you need to find ... five blue cars, 4 birds, 2 dogs .... or spell out words off of the license plates ....water color paint on rocks found outside ... throw a dart at a world map then study the country ... try making foods from that land, playing games that kids play there ...pick a theme, like Dinos, and study for a week ... everything dino, color pages, feild trips, movies

Katherine - posted on 02/08/2011




I suggest it to everyone. They are mommy groups and dues are around $12 a year. Almost everything they do is FREE!!!

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Our library, bookstores & Starbucks all have story times and are all different, so I kept a list on the fridge and we had one to go to just about every day (we didn't go to all of them, but it was nice to know I had several opportunities during the week if we missed one).

At home, I 'googled' projects and printed them to keep in a 3 ring binder for rainy days. Then I would let J pick something to do out of the book and we'd do it.

I organized mine by materials needed, so if I didn't feel like going out to get stuff, I could limit him to certain parts of the book :) If I did feel like going out, he could pick whatever he wanted, and we would turn making the shopping list and getting everything on it into a fun activity as well......I will warn that when we did that, between shopping and actually doing the craft took up most of the day :P

Here are some of the websites I lifted from:

This was one of my favorites, they are all REALLY easy.

This was another one I liked for creating "Theme Days" where we would center the whole day around a letter or a poem.

Same site, home page:

If you google Toddler Crafts, a bunch come up, but I really liked those two.


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Deborah Ridgely - posted on 10/14/2013




We LOVE the library! We live within a mile and walk there several times a week. Free movies, free books, free internet, free pinterest craft club once a month. We also walk together, turn up the music and sing and dance. We have no tv or cable, but use the family laptop for movies. We have unlimited internet on our 2 smart phones. ( No landline). So we use the phones for youtube and facebook and other social media, etc.
At home we make and eat meals together, read together, do crafts and cleaning together, and enjoy things together. We also go to church and pray together. I hope this helps !

Jaime - posted on 02/11/2011




Dana, I did some googling and found your city's website. Go to city hall or your municipality office and get a winter/spring program guide. It looks like there are some fun, free or inexpensive family activities listed. Swimming, movie night....stuff like that.

Lissa - posted on 02/06/2011




Library, baking, collecting things like leafs on walks and finding out about the tree they came from etc, making pictures with them. Making your own playdoh. Look for fun science experiments for children, you can do many with things you have around the house. A firm favourite with all three of mine was taking turns to find things to put under a blanket then we all had to use touch to figure out what was there. My husband is a serious photographer so we got cheap cameras for the little ones to take their own pictures, they love that. Books, books and more books, there is an adventure to be found each time you open a book. Lot's of role play I have no idea how many times I've been one of the three little pigs, red riding hood, goldilocks or any number of characters in our little plays :)

Planting some seeds and trying to grow flowers or vegetables is always a winner.

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Oh, ya.....and Chad takes her swimming every Sunday morning. It's family swim and only costs a twoonie! (we're in Canada in case you hadn't guessed ;)

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