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I've gotten two of the books, one of them being from birth to six years. I agree with a lot of what's in there and know that that is the way I would love to parent. I've not gotten far in the book, since I do have a baby to tend to, but so far I haven't seen anything that I can use to help me teach my 15 month old. She can't talk yet so giving her choices doesn't help. I can't ask her to pick up her toys because she doesn't know what that means. Etc, etc, etc.... Just give me some hope. If I continue reading, will it help me to teach her?


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At 15 months they momic. You pick up the toys and make it fun. She will copy you. As you pick up the toys you give her language, "We pick up our toys" She will follow your lead in everything.

You teach her something each time you interact


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What I meant when I said that is that I can't use the examples the book gave for, say, a two year old. I can't tell my daughter, "Would you like to pick up the toys, or would you like me to. Any toys you pick up, you get to keep." She does follow me when I put her toys away and I can say, "Put them in the basket."

Also, she does do sign language, but we still have a very minimal vocabulary. I can ask her if she wants juice or milk, but I can't give her the option for fun or silly choices, like, "Do you want to have fun, or not?"

I have since finished reading and the methods for my daughters age are still mainly redirection and ignoring bad behaviour. I can't wait to try out the other technics when she's older, though, lol:)

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I agree, keep reading!

At that age, your best friend is leading by example, redirecting and positive praise for good behaviour.....ignoring bad behaviour. If you've been giving her positive examples over and over and over from an early age, there's no reason why she shouldn't be able to understand those things even though she can't quite communicate yet. I agree with what Vicki said.

Vicki - posted on 10/24/2010




First of all, I haven't read the book.

My son has been great about putting away his toys since before he was even crawling. Pretty much as soon as he was into filling and emptying containers, I got him to "help" clean up. Even now, yes, I do the majority of it, but to simply dismiss it as something your child is incapable of doing will not help either one of you. No, you cannot one day just say, "Pick up your toys," and expect her to understand. You need to show what this means and how it is done.

As so far as choices go, at 15 months old, the basic understanding of certain choices is there! My boy at that age could always tell me if he wanted juice or water, or an apple or an orange. So she doesn't talk? Introduce sign language. VERY helpful to understanding one another! Do not underestimate your child's comphrehension!

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