Successes - A thread for Mama's to boast shamelessly !!!

Jess - posted on 05/03/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




We have been using the word "stop" rather than no, followed through with moving or distracting our 8 month old. Today she was headed for the kitchen which is out of bounds ! ( we are waiting on our baby gate to come in)

Her daddy said. "Ava, Stop", *she stopped* "come back here please" and SHE DID !!!! It was great, she crawled back to her pile of toys and played happily ! It took us a few goes of saying "stop" and actually stopping her and putting her back in the lounge room, but this time she knew and did it herself. Im so proud !!! It was perfect proof to her daddy that "stop" works ! He was very skeptical. Perhaps now he will stop using the word "No"!

So mama's what positive parenting successes have you had ?


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Charlie - posted on 05/03/2010




Cooper and i baked cupcakes yesterday , i went to go into the kitchen and he ran in front of me , stood between the oven and i and said in a very stern voice " no , HOT "

He knows to say Ta " thank you " and has learn't "gentle "

Nikki - posted on 05/03/2010




Aww they are all so sweet well done to you all!! Haven't had to deal with any of this as of yet but I hope that Issy grows up to have great manners and listening skills!!

Meghan - posted on 05/03/2010




That's great Jess!

Joshua finally figured please out! He says it all the time now without being asked. At swimming yesterday he wanted to play with the toys and I told him no we aren't doing that right now. The teacher came up and he said "please" and went to give her a kiss. LOL she had no idea what he wanted but she was very impressed and said she hasn't met such a polite little boy (guess she forgot about the freak out and the pooping in the pool)

My favorite thing is when he starts to do something he shouldn't, I say should you be doing that. he stops and says nooo mommy, and walks away then claps-like he is SO proud that he listened and made mommy happy|

Yesterday I said what the hell to my mom (well not to her but in the conversation we where having) and Josh`s jaw hit the floor and he said mommy! and shook his finger at me lol.

Amie - posted on 05/03/2010




It's the little things that matter!

Though I will never forget the lady at the grocery store. =) It was 3 years ago, our son was 2 1/2 at the time and our oldest was 6 1/2. She had asked if they were allowed to have a sucker. I said yes because they had been good the entire trip, which was a huge blessing because I was pregnant with our 3rd. After she handed it to them they both chimed in at the same time "Thank you!". She turned to me and said, I've never seen kids so young say Thank you without being prompted too! =D

Repetition works, we are forever reminding them from the time they start talking to say Please, Thank you, You're welcome, etc. Our middle daughter now says it without being prompted too and has been for a month or two now. We also use our manners when talking to them too. When they're done picking up their toys, helping us do something around the house, keeping another sibling entertained, etc.. we always say Thank you. On the other side we always follow it with a please if it's a request or something they wouldn't normally do. Always saying you're welcome, even when they haven't grasped saying thank you yet, is a big deal too. Our toddler says welcome! when we say thank you to her. LOL!

They know to say excuse me if they burp or toot. Though they think toots are hilarious but also know if they're going to play "who toots the loudest wins" they need to do it away from the main living areas, preferably outside too. Kids are gross sometimes. =S

I do have to say though when they start correcting you (the parent) when you've done something that you've taught them not to do is the funniest part. I have a potty mouth (as I've posted about before LOL) and while I know I shouldn't some slip out, there's always one of them there in a flash to correct me on it too. "Mommy you're not supposed to use words like that". LOL!

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