Positive Breast Feeders

I joined a Breast Feeding group and I was HIGHLY dissatisfied with it. There should be a Breast Feeding group that is encouraging in any way possible. There shouldn't be rules about how/when/why you bring up things, like feeding solid foods! Let's all just encourage each other the best way we can! No matter the advice, as long as it's positive and encouraging, there should be no rules as to what is said.


Breastfeeding help please

My last baby was born at 38+6 by emergency csection after an induction and fetal distress. His cord was wrapped around his neck and made it too short for him to descend...


Let's Get This Group Going!

Hello Ladies! There hasn't been much done in this group. As a breast feeding mother, I know that it is REALLY important to have a lot of support while breastfeeding. I had to...


Introduce Yourselves!

Hello! My name is Hannah and I have an almost 2 month old son! His name is Isaiah Brent and he is my first. I have much child experience, but being this is my first child, not...