One Parent More Natural at "Shaping" Behavior Than the Other

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Hi Moms,

I think this group has great potential, but it has not been active. As our little ones get older, we will definitely have questions and methods that work or don't work. It'd be great to have a more active community. With that said.... one more attempt....

We have a 22 month old boy. An absolute joy to be with... there are times that he will avoid things, like if I want to change his diaper, he will run arcs by me just out of reach... he laughs and runs and doesn't want his diaper changed. I have to go take his hand, and sometimes there are tears initially in protest. On the other hand, my husband will say to him, "Let's go to the bathroom and change your diaper." (Only once) (we have the changing station on the bathroom counter). My son will literally walk next to or in front of my hubby on his own to the bathroom door. No tears, no running past my hubby... no avoidance. This is one example, but it appears that my hubby gets a response whereas I get "tested" first.... Its so cool to watch my hubby and son together. I will ask him what he does, and he tries to help, but I wonder..... Does this happen in your family?


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Always happens with us. Both with my 16month old and almost 5 year old Lucky i have all day to get the things done and the patience to see the humor in it. it takes my 16month old almost 5min to lay down on her own accord for nappy change for me ,whereas she will have her nappy changed and be dressed for her father in minutes. IMO its cause she/ they have all day with me and only the evening with there father and are eager for games and play time with him

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