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Positive Lesbian Women Making Positive Choices (Maryland)

In a country where the LGBT community is often over looked or harshly judged and compared to the social norms of society, it seems our community has but a small footprint in a large world. Our most powerful ally is forming a supportive relationship with other positive LGBT members and gaining the assistance of the entire community to keep our relationships and families healthy and strong. Positive Women and Families Making Positive Choices will provide our community with stability, opportunities to foster a strong well-being through strong connections to positive community members and by providing structured social and charitable activities. PWMPC has two community connections to our organization, the couples/family outreach connection and the singles outreach connection. The opportunity to hang out with other positive singles can provide a beacon in our life. SINGLED OUT will focus on positive community service opportunities outings and fellowship opportunities for the Single LGBT woman. The SINGLED OUT side of PWMPC is not geared towards "hooking people up" or trying to "find a mate" We are strictly focused on supporting the development of a healthy (mind and body), confident, and happy single LGBT women by providing etiquette workshops, rap series (Once a month roundtables), community service projects, game nights, and a number of other fun social activities. We will also partner with the couples and families to exhibit and model healthy and positive relationships. PWMPC is excited to welcome long time singles, newly Single, and Oh I'm Single people to the SINGLED OUT side of our Organization. We will have many functions that are family friendly, couple friendly, and single friendly functions and most importantly events just for THE LADIES (FEM & DOM)!! Sometimes you need time to just be on your own apart from your family and your partner and we will have ME TIME event as well. So come on and be a part of PWMPC and help us ALL, LEARN, GROW and GIVE BACK TOGETHER!