Postpartum depression

After the 'baby blues' pass everyone around you is growing with excitement about the new life. Yet, you cannot stop crying. I have had PPD for just about a year now so I'm making this community to try and help others like me. Unfortunately Postpartum depression is not something you can just get over. One good nights sleep will not fix it either. There are many women out there who feel as though they are doing something wrong or that they cannot express how they truly feel because people will frown upon them for doing so. Even when you talk to people they just don't truly seem to understand so this community is for people who have been through and who are going through PPD to help one another to vent freely without judgement or fear of being told to 'just get over it.' Some signs and symptoms of PPD; *taken from Wikipedia* -Sadness -Hopelessness -Low self-esteem -Guilt -A feeling of being overwhelmed -Sleep and eating disturbances -Inability to be comforted -Exhaustion -Emptiness -Anhedonia -Social withdrawal -Low or no energy -Becoming easily frustrated -Feeling inadequate in taking care of the baby -Impaired speech and writing -Spells of anger towards others -Increased anxiety or panic attacks -Decreased sex drive PPD is not limited to the above stated symptoms. Reach out and talk!!! It helps, I promise!


Prolonged Post PArtum

I wasn't diagnosed with post partum depression until a week agom my daughter just turned 2 in february. When she was born I had an emergency C-Section, Wynter was in cardiac...


Hi Gina

I saw your PPD support and wanted to let you know that I had joined. I have an 11 month old baby and am a stay at home Mom. I also have been struggling with PPD for close to a...


Help with post partum at work?

I have been to my doctor and have post partum. My daughter is 5 weeks old and my son is 22 months. I am to go back to work on March 8 and not to sure how to handle it at work....



I'm Ginamarie and currently 20 years old. I live in New York with my son in my parents house. I have been going through post partum for almost a year now. I have had an...