is it wrong to put a potty chair in the bedroom?

Kayliecia - posted on 09/25/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




My son is 2 1/2, and knows how to use the potty chair, he has a gate at his bedroom door and we shut it if he goes for time outs or if he goes to bed for the night, we have one of his little pottys in the bedroom so he can go if he gets up at night instead of him peeing on the floor. I told my grandmother about it and she thinks its wrong of me to put a potty chair in the room because he might think that he can pee in this room like all his life like she said people go into the bathroom to go potty and he needs to be able to get out of his room and go potty. but we dont want to take the gate off his bedroom atleast until he is like 4 or so because he can open the gate on the stairs to the outside and i dont want him running outside and end up being gone? you know? so i think that my idea for the potty chair and the gate is a fine idea and im getting critizame for it? also hes starting to tell us to shush and be quiet and not listening and we put him in time out and he doesn't us it seems.


Aspen - posted on 09/25/2009




I don't think it's a bad idea to have the potty chair in there when he isn't able to leave his room. My advice would be to only keep it in there when he is in timeout and at night, so he learns that you should only potty in his room when he has to not like a regualr option. As far as him not listening, my 2 year old was doing that for like a month and he was terrorizing the house I was going nuts. So i got him on more of a firm schedule bedtime at the exact time wake up at the exact time and all of that and with in a week he has stopped all of it and is his normal nice self again. I hope this helps and good luck!

Ericka - posted on 09/25/2009




my mother doesn't like it either but I do not see a problem with it. And with my kids if I didn't shut them in their room they'd open the front door and just walk out.


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Cindy - posted on 10/05/2009




I see nothing wrong with having the potty in the bedroom. It is easier access 4 my 2 year old. He will eventually use the toilet just like "grown ups" as all kids want to imitate grown ups around them. If thisis comfortable for you, then by all means do so. I tend to listen less to the grandparents and do what is comfortable for me and mine. Trust me the kid will end up using the toilet, have you ever seen an adult using a potty in the middle of the bedroom? We were all children once and used potties and bottles, but we grew out of it and so will he... :-)

Shannon - posted on 09/30/2009




I agree with your grandmother.My son's potty chair is in the bathroom.If he is in time out I will ask him if he has to pee befor I put him in his room.If he does not go then, he is not allowed until he is allowed out of his room. which is less then 5 mins( 1 min for every year he is). As for the night time Get a better gate that he cannot open for stairs and for the door put a chain lock on it. My son walked out the front door 1 time with out me knowing (@ 2 he tried to take the dog for a potty break... LOL) I live in apartments so I told them that I was going to install a chain lock and for what reason. come to find out i didn't have to b/c they sent one of the guys that fix everything well they sent him to the store to buy one and they installed it for me. After that my son tried to walk out the door a few more times but could not do it after 6 months i don't even need to lock the chain lock.

Michelle - posted on 09/26/2009




I have the potty chair in my daughters room at night and for time outs.I don't see a problem with it.

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