Potty training two at the same time...

Destry - posted on 09/13/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




this potty training thing is becoming hell for me.lol I am training both my daughters at the same time for what seems like months now and its just driving me nuts.. they are 3 and 2 and they understand what to do..they both go when they feel like it.. flush the toilet the whole 9 yards.. but they seem to just go on the floor all the time.. just because they are too involved with what they are doing to take the time to go to the potty.. or I'll just remind them to go and they say no and go on the floor.. I dont want to give up, they both wont wear their diapers anyways even if I wanted them too..ugh... they are soo stuborn...


Kay - posted on 09/13/2009




try focussing on the 3yr old first. I have 2 a year apart, and although the younger one will sit on the potty and take her nappy off, and has even had success on the potty, I have focussed on the older. My older girl got it about 3 weeks ago. I began by telling her it was potty time every hour until I got the feel for her timeing. When she went she got a smatie, and loads of hugs, high fives and cheers, from every one around. Now that she has it I am starting to move onto my youngest, who has seen the process and knows it, so she knows what to expect.

I'm sure there are mum's out there who have done 2 together, like twins, but I would say split them. And spend time out side during the good days when they can go without anything on the bottom.

Good luck with it :D

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