Potty training for a 2 yr old boy, Getting rid of the binky!

My son Kooper is 2 yrs and 3 months old we have introduced potty training but he refuses to go. He will sit on the potty and scream and then start to shake because he has to pee so bad i feel bad for making him cry so i let him up and sure enough as soon as i put the diaper on him he pees! He loves spongebob and his nana bought him some Spongebob undies but he refuses to wear them and tells me hes a baby and needs a diaper. So should I wait to potty train till hes ready. I think hes ready hecomes to me with the diapers and wipes and tells me when he needs to be changed or tells me when he has pooped so I know he is aware of what hes doing......Its very Frustrating! On the binky i want it gone! I know he uses it for security he tends to ask for it when hes in a new enviornment or when its bedtime, and when he gets overtired i take it away during the day but he will not lay down for bed or naptime without it, My husband and I are really trying to take it away because my son just had dental work done(I know hes only 2) and I dont want it to mess up his teeth he had to have 2 crowns put on his 2 front teeth because they were chipped. HELP! I am willing to try anything on these 2 subjects!!