Potty Training Methods

A place for Moms to ask each other questions, discuss things and, most of all, encourage each other. Feel free to add a new conversation if you have another method that you are using or would like to use.


wont poop on the potty

My son wont poop on the potty. If i catch him starting to go in his underwear we go to the potty but he wont finish. He just turned 4. Will not pee in his pants but...


Potty Problems HELP

My son is two and half years old. He was born at 32 weeks, he is now finally catching up to all of his milestones. He will use the potty when prompted and will tell us when he...


How to begin pottty training???

I need help!!! I am a first time mother. My daughter is 17 months old, and I was wanting to start potty training. She tells me when she is wet and when she has gone poop. She...


Rewards? How best to use them

Hi Everyone, So this program is going well for us. Only two pee accidents in the last two days and my daughter's bed was dry for the last two nights with her wearing undies....



I signed up on the site but i haven't purchased the e-book yet. I got an e-mail from Lora (just a automatic thing with our names plugged in i'm guessing) with a link for...