Potty Training a two year old Girl, HELP!

Rachel - posted on 10/05/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm trying to potty train my 28 month old daughter since we have another child on the way. She will go sit on the toilet, and will use toilet paper... but she won't actually GO. She'll climb into an empty clothes hamper or even in the bath tub to pee, but she won't sit on the toilet to go to the bathroom. What can i do to help her understand that the toilet is the place to do these things?


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some of the things that worked for my daughter may help...

I go to the toilet when i want her to go (put her potty next to the toilet in the bathroom)... she enjoys the social aspect of this and time with mummy doing what mummy does is special to them. Let her watch you put the "business" into the toilet from their potty so they can see where its meant to go. Let her flush the toilet for you (thats always fun for them) When she does go in the toilet or potty, make a big deal ie. that makes mummy and daddy so happy and a big bear hug or whatever u think she will like.

Invite a friend over for a couple of play dates a few days in a row so that she can see her friend is going to the toilet and she will want to also.

the new toilet paper that has doggies on it for kids was the icing on the cake for my little girl but i know you can get dora and fairy ones to help encourage them

alot of people use chocolates or other treats to bribe the kids or stickers... or a chart but the above couple of things worked really well for us... i hope this helps you.

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