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Ofelia - posted on 08/28/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




my son is 7months old and my mom says i should start now... also heard it takes longer with boys


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Allison - posted on 03/09/2010




There's lots of ways to start teaching them that young, but we did some "EC" (elimination communication - or infant pottying) starting when our son was ~3 months old, and it's really cool - check out some of the groups or websites. It's not potty training, but just starting to take them out of diapers for pee and poop starting when they're really little. The idea is that if kids are not taught that they have to pee and poop in their diaper, it's easier for them to learn to use the real potty. You have to be very in tune with them - like if they seem squirmy and maybe have to pee, hold them in a little squat over the toilet or sink, or sit them on a kids potty with some toys and make "pss" sounds. Well, there's lots of other ways to do it, but that's one idea. If you start early, it's most important to always be positive and fun about it - never discouraging or forceful or stressed, or they might resent the potty. Using EC methods, our son used the potty about 75% of the time at 8 months. He got more independent and started daycare at about age 1, so we quit and went back to full time diapers. As they get more independent they lose interest for a while, and it's harder to get them to sit on the potty. Most early-start kids aren't really "potty trained" until age 1.5-2.5, but the sooner you start, the sooner they figure it out :) I think around age 1 was the hardest for us, so we quit taking him for a long time, and when we started again at age 2 we had to be REALLY creative to get him to sit on the potty. But by age 2.5 he was totally potty-independent and dry all day and night. Also, I am totally convinced that cloth diapers make it easier, and we even switched to underwear very early - that way they understand when that pee and poop comes out when they go! Wearing disposables he never cared a bit if he went in them, but wearing cloth diapers or undies he usually wanted to use the potty. So hope that helps!

Lynn - posted on 03/08/2010




I didn't start until my child was 1 and I think it's a great age because it took me almost a year and half to two years to get her to go on the potty and its true boys do take longer but I think two years is a long time. 7 months is way to early to start potty training.

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