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Thank you for joining the Prayerful Mothers group through Circle of Moms. I hope through this group you will find encouragement as you go about your daily routine.

Check out the first post that was made today in our group. I look forward to your feedback.

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Nicole - posted on 12/15/2009




Dear Lord,

Right now I pray for Kathleen, her daughter and grandchildren.

Lord, I know that You are a refuge and fortress and in You I trust. On Kathleen's family behalf, I ask that You protect them all. Lord, please watch over the children and assign your angels over them. Protect each child from danger, harm and mean-spirited people. During this time of confusion, give them peace and comfort. Heal them of all emotional hurt and pain they may be experiencing. Surround them with people who are righteous, holy and wise. Open up the doors of opportunity for them, direct them down the path that you established for them when they were created.

I also pray on behalf of Kathleen's daughter. Your word says, I can come before you boldly. Your word says, you answer the prayers of faith. Your word says that whatever I ask for, I shall believe and it will be answered. Your word says that I have the keys of the kingdom of heaven available to me and that whatever I bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatever is loose on earth, shall be loosed in heaven. Your word says that I can call on the name of Jesus and there is power in that name and I have the right to use that name and all of the power it possess. With all of that, I pray right now that every stronghold that is holding Kathleen's daughter back be destroyed forever more. Right now in the name of Jesus, I pray for Kathleen's daughter's mind to be strong and fashioned after you. Help her to make choices and decisions that are pleasing in your sight and consistent with the will you have for her life. Right now in the name of Jesus, I pray that you remove anyone or anything that is holding her back from being the person you created her to be. Help her to live to her full potential. Help her to know that you love her and that a better, peaceful, loving and positive future is available to her. Help her to resist the temptations that are before her and to stay focused on the bright future you have waiting for her. Right now I pray that you introduce her to godly mentors that will help her stay on the righteous path. Also, please soften the hearts of the judges and others in the legal system. Speak to their minds, hearts and souls that they may find sympathy on Kathleen's daughter. Bless Kathleen's daughter with another opportunity to choose you, to choose your way of life. Holy Spirit, speak to Kathleen's daughter's heart, give her the peace, comfort and courage needed to take the necessary steps needed to go down the path that the Father has chosen for her. For I know His plan is the best plan.

And finally, I pray for Kathleen. Thank you for Kathleen. Thank you for her care. Thank you for Kathleen's concern. Thank you for Kathleen asking for help on her daughter's behalf. I lift Kathleen up in prayer now. For you know the worry, sorrow, uneasiness that has burdened Kathleen's heart. In the name of Jesus, I release Kathleen from all of the heartache. Right now Lord, give her a sense of freedom that she never experienced before. Give her the freedom in knowing You are Lord and in control. Help Kathleen to let go and let You handle the situation. Give Kathleen the peace. Help her to sleep well, sleep without tears. Your word says that joy is in store, for she has had more than her share of sorrow. In the name of Jesus, I pray that you will provide Kathleen with a a support network. Surround Kathleen with honest, wise, skilled people in her life. Also, provide Kathleen with the financial blessing that she needs to recover from any expenses that may have been related to her daughter's situation. In the name of Jesus, and in faith, I pray for all of Kathleen's debts to be paid. Help Kathleen know that you love her and she is forgiven of all of her sins and healed of all diseases - emotional and physical. Thank you, Lord. Thank you for everything. I love you Lord. I know in my heart Kathleen and her family will have a great testimony to share and you will receive all of the glory forever. In the name of Jesus, Amen. Praise the Lord, Hallelujah!! We thank you now Lord for answering my prayers and that of Kathleen.

Kathleen/Deborah - posted on 12/14/2009




Please pray for my daughter! Gods Will be done in her life and the life's of her small children. She is 31 soon to be 32. God has brought her to the end of her ownself. She lost her first son to adoption (she signed over parental rights) too young to raise him.

2nd child was given over to biological father at 3yrs of age due to daughter's criminal activity. She is now 6. I am not allowed any congtact with either of them. Now she has a 2 yr old son that was removed from her about 3 months ago due to poor choices of men! She has done all that the state of oregon has requested her to do.

She goes to COURT on 12/15/09 to find out if JAMARI will be returned to her before Christmas. She spoke to her lawyer today and lawyer told her that the Physocologist that did the PYHC EVALUATION suggested that Jamelle go to TRANSISTIONAL HOUSING! Jamelle refuses to do that. She is afraid that she will not get any housing cause she has felonies on her record.

Please PRAY and INTERCEDE for her soul and the souls of her childrenj. PLEASE!!!!

God Bless you,


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