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Pre eclampsia , preterm labor & Steriods

So this is my second baby, My first born was a still born boy born 3.5 weeks early completely healthy up until I went into labor due to preeclampsia. Due the the Preeclampsia it was hard for me to have another baby except for exactly two years later. I am now 28 weeks pregnant reading 29 weeks pregnant with no issues except for the same signs that my daughter is also trying to be born early. Last time they swore that my son would be fine but this time they decided to give my daughter steroids. I heard nothing but good things and really confident. My CONCERN is if my daughter is born anytime soon will the steroids allow her to breathe well enough on her own. And will I be able to request her being induced early due to getting some of the same signs I had with my first born if it was needed. Does anyone have a similar story or can help? I am a young mother and have been researching everything but word to mouth is the best advice right now.