How old is too old for trick or treating?

Tiffini - posted on 10/01/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




Hey Ladies! I need some help. I am a single mom raising 4 kids (12,4,4,11 months). My oldest daughter still wants to dress up for Halloween. I had told her last year that it was probably going to be her last time trick or treating. Of course now that it is October again, she is pouting because she wants to still dress up & beg for candy at strangers houses? lol She is a great daughter & big sister. I know that she doesn't want to be left out. But she doesn't look like or want to be treated like a little kid. I have reassured her that she will still get plenty of treats, I don't allow any of the kids free control over their junk food. The twins will end up with maybe a dozen pieces spread out for the 1st week of November. Then they forget about it & it "disappears". The baby might get a sucker or two. Plenty of extra snacks for her to pick from. Any way I just think that as kids get older they start getting annoyed looks. Not sure how to handle this. Help!


Ramona - posted on 10/16/2010




I have no problem with high school kids going out trick or treating, as long as they dress up! It is just for fun!


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Tiffini - posted on 10/17/2010




THanks everyone. With all the younger kids hosting a party would be hard (already having the twins birthday party earlier in the day). But my oldest will be happy to hear that you all helped me decide that she can dress up & go on the great candy hunt. So thanks for helping me & Sami.

Rebecca - posted on 10/16/2010




Halloween is a fun time for kids....what about all the adults that want to dress up is that any different....I'd say try a Halloween party or let her is all for fun anyways as long as they aren't causing any trouble

Candi - posted on 10/13/2010




My nephew and a group of his friends still went trick or treating as teenagers. They would wait until about 8:00 when all the little kids were finished and get all the leftover candy! By tht time people are wanting to get rid of it and just dump it all in their bags. They mainly went out to show off their awesome makeup and costumes though. I will let my kids make the call. IF they want to go out, they can. Of course our church hosts a Halloween thing and my kids go to those and then just go to houses in our neighborhood

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Host a halloween party! They still get to dress up, they still get loads of candy, and it can be really fun and a good socialising experience.

Shannon - posted on 10/08/2010




I would say she is the same ago as my son and I think at their age they could have a small party a few friends and let them decorate and dress up that way they are still doing something they don't feel left out. or One year we just dressed all the kids up warm had friends over and just had a fire and hot cocoa and snacks. In most places they have places where teens can go and have fun under adult supervision and you can still take your younger ones trick or treating. I don't know if this helped but it's what I would do. One year a friend made a haunted house in her basement for the older kids it was neat. there are a few options any way and the kids still get treats.

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