Precious Little Angels

For anyone who has experienced a loss of pregnancy, baby or child, to connect with others for support.


Does it get easier?

Hi, my husband and I found out this weekend in the ER that we will most likely not have a viable pregnancy. I feel such a loss and I'm so angry at the same time. Does it get any...


i cant cope with loosing my baby

First of all i would like say how sorry i am to anyone who has lost a child.. i lost my baby boy Mason 7months ago its been by far the most hardest thing in my life to deal with...


Where are you from?

Just wanted to know where all our members are from around the world? I'm from Sydney NSW Australia!


Facebook Group

Hope no-one minds, but i wanted to make others aware of the group, 'Precious Little Angels' I have created also for all grieving mums who have experienced a loss. Please...


hello im new

hello my name is anne im a mum to 7 kiddies and one little baby angel who i lost on the 23rd march 2007 . i was 5months pregnant (21weeks).


How are you Feeling Today?

Trying to cope with a loss isn't an easy experience to try to get by. You have so many mixed emotions, so many unanswered questions and your world becomes so surreal. If...


Special Poems

Please feel free to add any poems you may have written yourself, that has helped comfort you through your loss or any that you have found that may help others in their sorrow.