Anyone have low sex drive after having Pre-Eclampsia?

Amber - posted on 04/09/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son will now be two....I had severe Pre-Eclampsia....Me and my son both bought died....Now after he has been born to now....I have had no sex interest at all....I know I am scared of getting pregnant again....I have a thousands questions run through my mind when the time comes that I lose all interest....I have what ifs....I am scared next time I could lose my life and I know my son needs me....It is very scary....I think maybe my husband should get fixed but he doesn't want too....But he is the one who wants the sex....I know it isn't fair to him....I am 25 and he is 27....we are still young and should be still enjoying it....But I love my husband with all my heart....I just don't have a sex drive anymore....I really don't know what to do....Any answers?....I know my husband loves me and my son....But he has no interest in me during the day far as talking or going places with me and my son....He is on the computer 24/7....than I suppose to give into sex....But he tells me I am the reason why he stays on the computer....I think our marriage is falling apart....Is it him or me?....Is the pre-eclampsia putting a scare on me....or where did my sex drive go?....Should I'd give into sex when mt husband has know interest in me otherwise?....I feel I am here to cook, clean, do his laundry and take care of our son....that's all I do..


Brandy - posted on 04/26/2011




i think its normal after anyone has a baby to have a lower sex drive having a baby is stressful and exhuasting! and it is very scary to go through a traumatic experience and then know that it could happen again. i dont think its fair for anyone to dismiss those feelings and if your husband wont listen then how can he understand? however i do feel that sex is important in a relationship as well and if you are afraid to have sex for fear of pregnancy maybe you should talk to your dr and consider getting a birth control or have your tubes tied. i dont think your marriage is falling apart and i dont think its anyones fault its just really hard to balance things sometimes. maybe you should try talking to him about how overwhelmed youre feeling and give yourself a break every now and then its okay if all the housework isnt done. i did see an episode on the tyra show the other day where they mentioned bartering for sex, alot of couples who arent in the mood at the same time will sometimes compromise for example tell your husband youll have sex with him if he does the dishes lol i know it sounds crazy but the point is is that alot of times women feel stressed and tired from all the work they have to do and so sex is the last thing on their mind, but if you let your partner know that is one of the problems and that you would appreciate a little help and then maybe you wont be so tired that you have more time for things like sex. i thought it was a good idea, and its worked for me lol

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