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Amy - posted on 01/28/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hello all. Has anyone had follow up testing?

I've had one miscarriage and develope full-blown HELLP at 28 weeks in my second pregnancy. (Actually it was probably 27 weeks, but wasn't caught until 28 weeks).

I have doctors appt next week at which I intend to ask for some blood work to rule out any clotting disorders or other underlying health issues. I'm also interested to see if my BP is normal.

Any advice on testing to have done? I know I've read posts on the preemie board about several clotting disorders and their link to pre-e and HELLP.


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Just be sure to keep getting follow up blood work to check your platelets, liver enzymes, check for anemia etc...for about 6 months to a year or so. HELLPS can come back at anytime, although rare.

Ashley - posted on 02/11/2009




i was actually at the genetics clinic today for my blood disorder and factor v leiden is def linked to pre-e....just thought i'd let u know that it def is as that's what i was told by the dr this morning!.....

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9 and 5 years after my 2 rounds with preeclampsia and HELLP I was diagnosed with Reynaud's Phenomenon. It sounds more serious than it is, my blood vessels constrict when I am cold and my extremities turn blue. I was reading about it and saw that there was a link to preeclampisa. I haven't had any other related problems.

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Amy have you read my mind? lol! I didn't know their was a connection between the two. But I had a miscarriage in December and I had my son at 31.5 weeks. I developed pre-e at around 27 weeks.

I think it is VERY wise of you to ask for this testing. I didn't start to get sick with whatever I have until about 6 months after I had my son. Then all hell broke loose. I'm still seeking a diagnosis. But we do know that my blood is much thicker then it should be.

The things I think you should be tested for is:

Leptin Level
Hughes Syndrome
Factor 8
Factor V (There are quite a few "factors", you should probably ask about more genetic testing.)
A general Coagulation
And, maybe to be on the safe side, I don't know where you live, but a lyme test is always a good thing to rule out. It can cause thick blood. You don't have to have the starting rash in order to have lyme disease. You'd rather rule that out now before symptoms start.

Hope this helps!


Ashley - posted on 01/28/2009




i had pre-e but it wasnt diagnosed until i was 39 wks along....i myself have a blood clotting disorder and its' called Factor V Leiden. I didnt know i had it for my pregnancy with my son. I only found out because he was in the hospital for two months and thought he had a blood clot in his brain so they did testing on his father and i. It came out that i had that and every one of my children have a 50% chance of having it. Jackson doesnt but i am currently pregnant so this one might. I will be monitored alot more closely this time because being pregnant increases my chances of having a blood clot. Once the baby isborn i have to give myself a needle everyday for 6 wks to prevent clotting. I am not sure if what i have is linked but i have heard that it is!.....good luck with your testing and hope all comes out well!

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