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...hey all! I hope that no one else has experienced anything close to my life after their difficult pregnancy. But about 6 months after I had Grady I started getting very sick. It started with headaches, then BP fluctuating rapidly and eventually I started getting paralyzed on my left side randomly. It wouldn't stay forever but it happened all the time. I'm exhausted and there is a list of other symptoms, my most recent new symptom being horrible pain in my legs. They were leaning towards MS for a long time, but with no brain lesions, they are saying its something else that is autoimmune.

Tonight I was standing in my kitchen and woke up on the floor with my husband standing over me. I think I had a small stroke or TIA (the doctors think that might be what the paralyzed events are, even though again, nothing shows on the brain.) There is something autoimmune/stroke going on with me, and I keep wondering if it wasn't brought about by my BP getting too high. I mean, when I went into labor is was a good 190/135, and that was the LAST time I looked at the monitor. When I saw that, I stopped looking at it. I didn't want to see it anymore. My husband said that bottom number went even higher.

I don't know, I just thought I would run this by you...thanks for listening ladies...I think you are all such a grand bunch! We are survivors! And I'll get through this! :o)


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Anna I am so happy that they are taking this seriously! You need to see a specialist because High BP is scary! Getting it taken care of now instead of waiting later down the line to do it is important to because things are usually more treatable early on. Please please please keep us posted on how that goes! When is your appointment?

I'm doing okay this morning. Monday's suck for me, because even though I am a stay at home mom, I'm just drained completely. My husband is home on the weekends and we usually end up doing our grocery shopping and running errands and the such. Which just knocks me out.

I'm excited though, I have a rhemetologist (sp?) and my neuro appointment next week. I am hoping to get a handle on this before I just go down hill completely. I walk with a cane now and if we have to go grocery shopping I have to be in a wheelchair. My legs just hurt so bad. I don't want to end up in a wheel chair completely, but the way I am going, its not looking good.

Sorry to dump on you all again...haha! Thank you ladies for listening!

Anna - posted on 01/26/2009




Tara, That is really scary. Are you doing ok this morning? Autoimmune issures are very difficult to diagnose.

They sent me to Nephrology & Hypertension specialist to try to get the bp under control. I will continue to see them until things are more managed.

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