Preganant Moms with babies/toddlers.

Planned or unexpected pregnancy with a baby/toddler already? Here, moms can relate with each other with all we go through and share each others milestones and how we cope with the good and the difficult times.


just found out today

So I went to my doctors offices today and just found out that I am pregnant...again. This will be my 2nd child and my husbands 3rd. im just really scared i guess. I'm not sure...



So how far along is everyone, and what are the ages of your first child? Im about 4 1/2 weeks, and my daughter, Lyla, is 22 months.


cravings/food aversions

so here i am 5 weeks pregnant with #2 and once again food aversions are setting in. Lots of things that I normally eat I now cannot even think about eating, including things...


Baby #2

I just found out a week ago that I am pregnant with baby number two. Im only about 4/12 weeks, so I havent told many people . Im so excited, its really hard to keep it to...