Hidden twin?

Misty - posted on 12/03/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




Ok so here is the deal. I am now 23 wks and have had a very rough pregnancy so far. I have recently began wondering if I might be carrying twins and it is unsuspected or hidden. This will be my 3rd child so I understand that you start showing earlier with subsequent children, however I had to start wearing maternity clothes around 8 weeks. My abdomen is very full, round, and hard upper and lower and started becoming that way around 12 to 13 weeks (I looked 6 months). I also started feeling movement around the same time as well. The movement I have felt since then is fluttering in my upper abdomen only over the last few weeks have I felt movement in my lower abdomen, and here lately I have felt hiccups in my lower and upper abdomen at the same time. Some more of my history is I had an elevated trisomy 18 test but u/s was normal at 18 wks, and have also had idopathic intracranial hypertension over the last 6 weeks. There was only one baby seen during my u/s at 18 wks so I'm wondering if it is even possible to have a hidden twin, but I need more info. Can anyone help me?


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Jay - posted on 10/04/2011




I would love to know if it was twins?
I do know a woman who didn't know she was having twins untill she was about 8 months!
But this was because she lived in Ireland and never had a scan (25years ago). And when she moved to England at 8 months they did a scan and told her that ''they'' were ''both'' doing fine! :D

Melinda - posted on 04/09/2011




i read a story about a woman not knowing she was carrying twins until she gave birth

Cheryl - posted on 03/16/2011




I know a woman who didn't find out she was having twins until she was 27 weeks, she was sure it was but the doctors kept insisting she wasn't. She ended up needing an extra scan at 27 weeks, and she asked if they could tell her the gender. The doctor looked and said "girl" but then froze because on the records it said "boy", so he went for a second opinion and they discovered a hidden twin, that was literally hiding directly behind the other.

If you are concerned I think you should bring it up with your doctor or midwife :) GOOD LUCK!!

Jodi - posted on 12/07/2010




It is possible to carry a hidden twin, usually it's because they are "momo" identical; meaning they share one sac and one placenta. I'm pregnant witn twins due in March, but we knew right away. Bring it up to your doc and see what he/she says, maybe they'll do another ultrasound to double check.

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