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Good morning ladies... As always I hope you are all well or as well as possible with being prego... I am wondering about exercising during pregnancy... Is it really so important like everyone says it is or is it something you have to feel out for yourself?... My ob keeps telling me that I should be doing exercises for my low back but that requires getting on the floor and I have a hard enough time just getting up off the couch or out of a chair at times to consider getting on the floor to exercise my back... I have to admit that I am not motivated to exercise at all and never really have been even before getting pregnant... I just can't seem to stick with it due to life in general and just trying to keep a schedule for doing it at the same time every day... There are times that I will get on a kick where I want to lose weight and will do really good with it for about a week and then it fades and I am back to doing nothing... Don't get me wrong I don't just sit on the couch all day and eat bon bons... I do get up and move but I also spend a good amount of time sitting too... I use to be pretty active so I didn't have to worry about exercise much because of being so active but it seems that as I get older I have less and less energy and desire to be active... Is that normal or is it just me?...

About the maternity clothes... I am almost 7 months pregnant and have very few maternity items to wear... I have been trying to make do with what I have because money is so tight right now with having 2 daughters to get back in school and a hubby who just started getting normal paychecks again... When I got my child support from my daughter's father this month I set aside $50 to go towards getting clothes for myself and told my hubby that I would like him to put another $50 with it so that I could maybe get enough to last me quite a while... He said that was fine but because we were a little short with having to get ready for back to school with the girls I didn't get the money... The other day he was complaining about his work boots (which are falling apart and need replaced) as well as his lack of work pants and I told him to go get what he needed and shut up about it... He says he always comes last because he is providing for us but I have told him repeatedly to go get new work boots and we have bought him a few new pairs of work pants in the last several months... But he has yet to get new boots... Well Thursday was orientation for my 7 year old for first grade and I had not yet bought her supplies... When we got there a lot of the other students had their supplies with them to take to their classes... So I called my hubby and told him that I was going to take the $50 I had saved for myself and go get her supplies... He got upset and said that I shouldn't do that because he would just end up replacing that money anyway and then be giving me more to match it and he still wouldn't get what he needed for work... Now I know that him having clothes for work is very important and I agree that he needs new boots and could use more pants but what about me being comfy for the next few months...

I figured I have made it this far without them so what is a few more months right?... Wrong!!!... It will be getting cold soon and all I have are a couple of pairs of pants to try and make it 'til November and a couple of shirts that are short sleeved... How can I manage to get clothes and still get him what he needs for work... This is my big dilema right now...

On the other stuff subject... I am waiting to see what a friend of my hubby and his will be giving us for our daughter... They bought a bunch of new stuff for their grandson so that they would have it when he came to visit and stayed with them over night or for a few hours or whatever... Well he has since grown out of it and from what my hubby says it was barely used to begin with so it is just a matter of getting it here so I know what else we still need and have to save up to buy... I don't want to seem rude or ungreatful but I would really like to know what they are giving us... I hate waiting on other ppl and therefore am going a little nuts... Well gotta go for now... TTYL... Thanks for listening... Joy


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Camille... I am glad that I could be of some help to someone and that I am not the only one having this problem... I too hate that when I do get money from anyone that it has to go to bills but that is the price I pay for not working... You know they always say that the only time you have kids is when you can least afford it and that is very true... My hubby has a good job but it is still not enough... It is also true that it does take 2 incomes to make a household work... Just keep your head up and thanks for the heads up on that sale at Kohls... TTYL... Joy

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Wow, I completely understand where you are coming from, especially with the maternity clothes thing. My fiance and I just had a dispute this morning about money and what it needs to be spent on. I too only have a couple pairs of pants that I am holding together with hairties because zipping and buttoning them is too uncomfortable. My grandmother is giving me money to go shopping for clothes but every time she gives me money it has to be spent on food or neccessities for the house. I feel like its not worth arguing about but if you can, put away maybe $30, kohls is having a labor day sale where all items are 15% off, even if its on clearance. So from what I have left from the money from my grandma, I am going to go and buy at least one pair of pants to get me through the nexts few months because the zipper piece to my jeans cut into my stomach. Well, thanks for posting, I'm so happy to know that I'm not the only one, ya know?

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Check craigslist and if you have one, a local bookoo site. I get most of my maternity clothes from online and used! It saves a fortune and you can find some really cute stuff for only a few dollars! Also, target normally has some decently priced shirts and such!

As for finding out what your friends want to send you. Just ask them, if its uncomfortable for you, tell them you just want to have an idea so you can make sure you don't double up on stuff you don't need too!!

Edit to add: Oh and with buying stuff used offline or at yard sales, you can then turn around and sell them for the same price once you are done with them!! ;P (I get shirts for about $2 each and shorts for about $5)

Jael - posted on 08/28/2010




I don't have any maternity clothes and dont plan on getting any. Ill just sweat pants and t-shirt til the end. They are a waste of money if you dont need them for a reason like you have to dress up for work ect.

I dont excerise per say but I walk daily and my job demands me to stay pretty active. IT just makes labor easier on your body. But uve done this before so you should be fine.

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