Has anyone had a Hemorrhage during pregnancy ?

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I am 15 weeks pregnant and i had an instance around my 6th week where i started spotting red and brown. My doctor said i was miscarrying and that i needed to prepare myself. Well we did an ultrasound every week until 10 weeks to make sure baby was okay, and it was. We discovered through the ultrasounds that i was having a hemorrhage and it was getting smaller every week. It finally subsided and i was "normal" for a few weeks. Now at 13 weeks (two weeks ago) i had to make a trip to the ER because it felt as if i had peed my pants but blood was saturating my pants and sorry for being so explicit but running down my legs. They checked everything from my hemoglobin, to my levels of hormones and everything was okay. Finally we did an ultrasound (the doctor only new the basics) and saw that my baby was okay. Sent me home and i have been on a light bed rest for two weeks now. I am still spotting brown to a reddish brown and sometimes it makes it into the toilet. Otherwise nothing comes out until i wipe. I have mild pain in the uterine area and no clotting. I mainly want to know if this is normal or if anyone else has gone through this. It's been two weeks and i would really like to have a normal pregnancy...


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My sister bleed most of her pregnancy and was on bed rest for the most of it too. Keep all doctors appts, try to keep stress to a minimum and Request a 3d ultrasound with your doctor. This way your doctor can really determine through a radiologist that everything is really okay so you can have peace of mind. Best of luck to you and may God Bless you and your precious miracle.

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