picky 9 month old picky eater?

Shanice - posted on 09/11/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




she wont eat! morning i give her a bottle i waith about 15 minutes and then ill try feeding her pureed fruit or veggies and baby oatmeal she wont eat! shell rather play maybe i am feeding her at a wrong time maybe i should spoon feed her first then bottle i just dont know what to do any more.. she will eat eggs turkey ham and cheerios and sometimes her pureed fruits. any advice on how to get her to eat? she cares too much about playing!


Lori - posted on 09/12/2011




playing is very typical for a 9 month old. :) At this age it's important to introduce foods so baby gets a chance to experience new things, but as long as she's getting either breast milk or formula I wouldn't worry to much about how much other foods she's eating. Keep trying new and different things and see what she likes. Don't force her to eat - let her have fun when it's meal time.

Maybe try more finger foods that she can feed herself rather than purees which you need to feed her. My 9 month old HATES purees, but eats like a champ if I give her foods she can feed herself. She loves bananas, avocado (not mushed, chunks), bologna, pretzels, crackers, grapes (cut into quarters so she can't choke), shredded turkey or chicken, squash, cheerios. She even had some sloppy joes with me this past weekend. Was very very messy since she insisted on feeding herself with her fingers, but she ate quite a bit.

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