Rough weekend... I need a vacation...

Jessica - posted on 09/20/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Good morning ladies... Hope you all had a great weekend... I wish I could say that mine was great but it wasn't... It started out pretty good on Friday but as the day wore on it got so much worse for me... As pointless as it is to say I got very upset with my hubby and that started off the rough weekend... It just seemed like the more upset I got the more I hurt... I kept getting these stabbing pains in my belly and they wouldn't quit... I figured it was just from maybe over doing it again... But the later I was up the worse it got... I didn't stay up too much later after dinner and when I went to bed I was so exhausted and in so much pain that I pretty much just zonked out so it would stop... Well my hubby and his brother were going on a fishing charter on Saturday and while I did want to sleep in my body said get up like it does every other morning around 5 am but instead of 5 am it was 4 am because they were driving to Lake Erie on the Ohio side for this charter... Well the pain started again only not as bad the second time and I soon went back to bed after they left... When I got up the second time that morning it was back and with the same intensity as earlier that morning... So I called my ob and since he was out of town the ob on call said to go straight to the hospital and get checked out... So off I went all by myself to be checked... The scariest part was not knowing whether or not I was coming home... I thought that maybe this might be it and I would be staying until November... They put me on the monitor and there was nothing but her HB... No contractions or anything out of the ordinary for the entire time I laid there... The ob decided it was ligament pain and that I should go home and rest as much as I could... So back home I went and back to sleep I went for a little while... Then my hubby came home and he and I both went back to sleep until his daughter called... Then we were up until bed that night... Which we slept like logs all night... Sunday was better and way more relaxing... We went fishing in the morning (didn't catch anything worth keeping) and then came home and he and his brother cleaned all 60 plus perch they caught on the charter the day before while I slept... I went to my mom's to get my daughter and then we got company... My nephews and a friend of theirs came over to hang out for a while and we had dinner and everyone went home... We went to bed very shortly after that... The funny part was that we slept with the AC on all night and usually I would be under the covers by about half way through the night but not last night... I slept with no covers the whole night I was so hot and it got really cold last night but I still slept with no covers... How weird is that... Well just wanted to vent more than anything... TTYL... Thanks for listening... Joy


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Naomi - posted on 09/20/2010




i am currently unable to walk as i made the mistake of sitting on my bed cross-legged the other day andthat opened up my inner hip area. the ligaments are screaming at me and i am in agony. hope your pains settle.

Laura - posted on 09/20/2010




I too am getting those aweful pains! Last night getting off the couch I got a really odd sharp pain in my right hip...make the strangest sound my hubby or his visiting brother had ever herd. They thought is was John Peter lol. I am getting so sick of these round ligament pains...the only contractions I have seen on my NST test were normal from her movement...just tiny tiny blips.

We all do seem to be getting to that point of exhaustion so easily. It does seem to me that once I've been up even a few hours I am begging for a nap.

Venting is important! I just hope that it helps you feel better! I know it does help me out when I am frustrated with my lifes situation! Too many bumps on the road to count these days, and with a mix of the hormones and the dang prednisone it makes it a billion times worse!


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