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So I woke up last night (once I finally went to sleep) with sharp pains in my stomache, I got really excited because this had to be it, they were coming 10 min apart kept me up til 7am and then left as soon as they came, I am getting some good size ones that come, last a minute, and then leave and then there isnt another for a long time. I am so aggravated Im almost in tears. I just want her to come already. I still have 7 days but come on!!!!!!! I am just so discouraged and impatient. It feels like its never gonna happen for me. I dont wanna go past my due date and have to be induced either. This happen to anyone, Any advice?


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Jessica - posted on 11/13/2010




I am sorry to hear about your false alarm... I had one too myself and it is so discouraging... All I can say is just try to relax... I know that at this point we both just want our babies to come and that it is also driving both of us crazy with every new pain or change in the pain... Keep your head up and bide your time she will be here before you know it and then the real excitement begins... I know that is hard to do but I am trying my best to do the same thing... Hope this helps... Joy

Jonna - posted on 11/12/2010




I am right there with you. Due the 19th as well and have been having uncomfortable contractions every 10 minutes since 34 weeks! I have had them start getting stronger and closer together. This last time I was having them every 2 minutes and lasting a minute increasing intensity for 7 hours and then they stopped. I am so anxious for my little guy too come too. As far as an induction for being overdue, I don't personally recommend this if you are not to the 2 week overdue mark. I had an induction with my first child because I was 8 days overdue and it was the worst experience of my life (she was also posterior which made it a lot tougher on me) and I wish I had just waited it out. I have had two kids without inductions after that and those labors were easy and much less painful, compared to the induction. You have the right to refuse an induction if you want. Your doctor may suggest one, but you don't have to agree to it. Normal pregnancies last from 38-42 weeks, so even though you and I are feeling very depressed that we haven't had our little ones yet they are no where near being late. Try to relax (with every pregnancy, as soon as I give up and stop worrying about going into labor I finally do). Continue making plans for the days to come that don't involve having a baby. And ask all of your family/friends not to ask you if the baby has come or anything related to your pregnancy. It's hard to feel like the watched pot and it definitely isn't conducive to going into labor. Good Luck Mama!

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