what my 13month old should be eating (apart frm fruit and veg)?


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Samantha - posted on 03/06/2012




My 14 month old has been eating anything she can with the amount of teeth she has, lol. She eats just about anything even meat. If they are not on any kind of formula they need all the protein and vitamins from food they can get. I don't know about your little one but mine started refusing baby food before she was a year, so she gets pretty much everything ( except peanut butter, and sweets of course).

Sarah - posted on 01/02/2012




Like the other two comments they can pretty much eat what you are eatting just smaller at this point. My 14 month old eats are food with baby food still so I know he is getting enough. Beware though "real" food can upset tummy LOL My little man will eat anything you give him so I think he downed half a tamale on New Years and we were up till 3am with him and bad gas ;-(

Lori - posted on 01/02/2012




At 13 months your LO can eat just about anything (Aside from anything you've found he/she is allergic to of course). The thing you need to watch for is choking hazards. Hot dogs are one of the worst choking hazards, along with grapes. But if you're being vigilant about cutting up food into small bites a 13 month old can pretty much eat what you eat.

My 13 month old daughter gets offered just about every food I eat. Some she takes, some she doesn't. She eats chicken, turkey, fish, ground beef, crackers, any type of fruit, most veggies, she loves black beans and refried beans, she eats yogurt, and cottage cheese. She also eats quite a bit of the gerber snacks puffs and melts since they're non messy finger foods. She drinks whole milk, water, and on occasion juice. She takes bites of my pasta, or burrito, or taco, or salad. She loves dipping her food into ketchup or ranch dressing (messy, but fun).

The only thing we avoid is spicy foods, and for her lemonade. We found that lemonade makes her throw up after even one sip. But that's just her. My older daughter never had a problem with lemonade, and by 13 months had discovered the joy of sucking on a lemon (which we know is bad for her teeth, but she gets to do it on occasion).

Anyhow, by this age they should be eating all kinds of food. Many babies start to get more picky as they enter the toddler years, so the more you get him/her familiar with now the better chance you have of keeping him/her eating a wide variety of foods as he/she gets older.

Kimberly - posted on 12/22/2011




I would be trying everything. There is no reason unless medical why they shouldnt be having yogurt, cheese, custard or milk products milk both whit and red, fish, try multi grain breads. As long as the can chew good and make sure you watch the first time you give them something they can start eating the same food as you. The more you try with them the better the can be with choices later on

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