When Did Your LO Start To Eat With A Spoon?

Chelese - posted on 12/10/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




At what age do children start feeding themselves from spoons? My 12 month old vastly prefers me to feed him. But lately he has been taking the spoon wanting to do it himself. But I'm sure now is the time to start. Even though i'm sure it will be a mess I was thinking I can try foods that stick to the spoon. He can eat finger foods like the gerber puffs, fruits, cheerios and such. So that limits what he can feed himself. How soon do most children learn to spoon-feed themselves?


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Philip - posted on 06/07/2013




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12 months for my youngest. But she loved eating with her hands for the longest time. Every child is different when it comes to handling a spoon. They can usually do it with ease by the time they are 2.

Lori - posted on 01/02/2012




As soon as they show interest in trying it, it's a good time to let them learn. My LO never wanted me to feed her, so by 7 months, the spoon was in her hand and she was feeding herself. Was she doing it right? No! She made a huge mess, but she ate some of it, and now at 13 months she makes a bit less of a mess than she did at 7 months. She doesn't know to hold it right side up, but she dips it in her food and gets it to her mouth just fine. She's also learning to stab food on a toddler fork.

Oh, and my 3 1/2 year old does a great job feeding herself by now, but even she still needs help sometimes near the end of a meal. Scraping those last bites can be hard.

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My daughter is lately interested in the spoon as well but hasn't figured it out. My son was probably 2 before figuring it out and still says forget it sometimes. It's a difficult task. Let him make a mess! It's a part of their learning process and it's fun. Well, for them. lol But don't say he's limited to what he can feed himself. They may not eat the whole serving but they sure can wield mashed potatoes, rice and spaghettios just fine without a spoon.

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