How to get over being afraid to send my 3 yr old to preschool.

Jamie - posted on 12/01/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am supposed to start enrolling my 3 yr old son into preschool and I am terrified, as for I do not trust a whole lot of people especially when it comes to my children. How can I get over this fear before he gets fully enrolled and starts going?


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Michelle - posted on 01/05/2012




Check out the school. Pick one that makes you comfortable. I was feeling the same way but we picked a school that's a good fit for him and he loves it. The school will let you know if anything is wrong.

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Any good preschool will let you check it out thoroughly first.

When I was thinking of starting my girls in preschool (Head Start) they let me come w/ my girls and hang out for the day. During outside play time one of my girls fell and got hurt and she ran to one of the teachers to help/comfort her. Watching that scenario made me realize my girls would be ok there.

You might not be able to fully be comfortable w/ sending him until he's been going for a while and both of you get adjusted.

Jennifer - posted on 12/26/2011




You may not be able to get over it fully before he starts. Depending on where you are sending him though, perhaps you could call and ask if you could do an observation day or two, get a feel for how the place runs, how kids are treated, what their schedules there are etc.

I actually am not sending my daughter to a pre-school. I found an in-home daycare where the lady that runs it does all the pre-school stuff with the kids and is FANTASTIC. You could look for something like that where you are as well. I like the smaller number of kids (still a good age range though) and the older ones have fun teaching the younger ones so a lot of them are actually a bit ahead of the curve. It just works for us, YMMV.

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