Preschool Astrology 101

Jenni - posted on 09/01/2011 ( 7 moms have responded )




What is your child's astrological sign?
What does it say about their personality?
Do you think it's accurate?

My son is a Cancer

Emotional, defensive and at times even volatile.Parents have difficulty in allowing their sweet little Cancer babe to grow up .Creativity is beginning to develop and imaginary friends and fantasy continue .Needs continued reassurance, compassion, humour, firm guidance. Doesn’t like ridicule, being taken too seriously, competition from parents.

***I'd say it's pretty accurate. He's very emotional. And can be volatile! Imaginary friends- He believes there is a white dog who lives under his bed. Constant reassurance, definitely. He can be very compassionate and empathetic. He is a clown! Firm guidance- *groan* you have no idea how true this is!!! Yes, critism is not handled well.

My SD is a Leo

Leo preschooler enjoys playing at ‘grown ups’ .
Enjoys drama and is now able to use exaggeration for entertainment
Will mirror the behaviour of adults around him.
Loving and generous.
Social and outgoing.
May tease or boss other children as he is testing out his leadership skills.
Likes to win.
Girls will try to prove they are as good, fast, clever, strong etc as boys.

***play grown up! Since she was a year old! She's so motherly to her brother and sister. She is the BOSS. But loving and caring to their needs. Definitely loves to exaggerate, she's an actress. Yup, she wants to be a grown up... very mature. Very social and outgoing, she makes friends easily (but shy around other adults). Bossy! like I said early! Definitely the leader of the pack. She HATES losing, very competitive. The only time she has meltdowns is when she loses. Always wants to be first.

You have a go! Pick your child's astro sign and then scroll down to the appropriate age group.


Kelly - posted on 10/05/2011




Tyler is a Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21) and nearly 2.
18 months-3 years
Increasingly sensitive(Yes, but all of a sudden)
May appear sulky but is showing an increased need for privacy.
Can be a late talker (Alittle bit, but not really)
Will begin to test her power and the boundaries. (Dont all 2 yr olds)
Can become stubborn and the word “no” occurs commonly.
May ask awkward questions about sex and death.
Needs honesty and age- appropriate answers to questions.

His birthday is also on 21st Novemeber, so he's RIGHT on the cusp. so I've included Sagitarrius aswell.

18 months-3 years

Becoming more outgoing and independent.
Playful, brave and reckless.
Curious and inquisitive.
Discovers “why” and expects the answers.
Becomes curious about God and religion.
Can become rebellious and is eager to try new things.
Very creative with a rich fantasy life.
Can be very untidy.

That's sounds mor elike my boy really.

Angela - posted on 09/11/2011




Claire is a Scorpio

18 months-3 years

Increasingly sensitive.

May appear sulky but is showing an increased need for privacy.

Can be a late talker.

Will begin to test her power and the boundaries.

Can become stubborn and the word “no” occurs commonly.

May ask awkward questions about sex and death.

Needs honesty and age- appropriate answers to questions.

I put this because in November she will be 3....

3-6 years

Continues to exhibit intensity and volatility.Needs your reassurance.This can be a difficult time for both parent and child as he really needs to know that he is loved and while he will relish the comfort of a hug will not seek it and may in fact try to push you away. Patience is a key word for parents at this stage mixed with perseverance. This little one needs rules and discipline. Rules that are fair and designed to keep him safe and discipline that is reasonable. He needs above all to feel loved and approved of, for himself - no matter what he trie

Hmmm some is true

She is very demanding of attention and bossy when she wants it but she does not always want it.

True she does not ask for love but then again she gets a lot of it. Sometimes she is sitting drawing or something and I will give a hug and she returns it with a huge hug and a loves yous so much! She is very happy.

Over all it was not so accurate she does get ill a lot, but it was true she loves puzzles and to figure things out.


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Ashley - posted on 11/27/2011




Virgo... General

Here are the perfectionists.Great at organizing anything, from their toys to the table. No detail is missed by our Virgo children. They can be extreme in their behavior. You often see very neat and tidy Virgos on one end of the scale and slobs on the other end.

These children are very good at taking care of others. They are very happy when they can help another person. Nothing makes them happier than to take care of sick people and animals. Make sure they do not serve others to such an extent they give up their own needs.Very good with their hands, they can fix anything that breaks.

Virgos can be great writers and communicators if they are not too shy or scared. Virgo child can be very critical and analytical. Make sure they do not criticize others or themselves too often. Be watchful they do not become too obsessed with cleaning or organizing avoiding interaction with other children.

You can always trust a Virgo with important tasks and responsibilities. Make sure they get enough praise to counter their self-criticism. They often focus on health and exercise. Their extremist behavior can lead to compulsive exercising and hypochondriac behavior. It is very important to keep them in good balanced habits.

This is really accurate description of my oldest. He is such an organizer and tends to let any negative comments affect him very badly. But we do counter any negatives with high praise. However he is in the tendency to be a hypochonriac as he denies any thing that would involve sickness or pain lol.


Usually modest and cautious but may appear arrogant or over confident as he becomes more comfortable. Enjoys working out problems and fixing things.Likes trying out new ideas or solutions and enjoys sharing these with others.. He may be uncertain as to how to get what he needs and will try out different tactics until he finds the right one.He enjoys experimentation, doing things his own way, honest responses, guidance, choices and alternatives.He doesn’t like criticism, disappointment.

again very accurate, actually the whole of the traits from birth to now is very much my son...

Lin - posted on 09/03/2011




Oh boy, neither my husband and I are compatible with either kid. They're both Aquarii, "Weird brains", and that combined with the intense need for freedom describes both of them well. They just forgot to mention how much water will not stay in the tub during bathtime. :)

[deleted account]

Oh geez my Poor hubby and son they've already got me who is most definitely a talker (what most people take three words for I'll use six lol).

Jenni - posted on 09/01/2011




I'm not compatable with 2/3 of my kids! Probably why my son and I butt heads so often.

I'm also a gemini! Yup, she'll be a talker!

[deleted account]

My son is a libra, it says:

They cannot make up their son can be very decisive but he also wants to play with everything and do all the activities (but I think that is more down to his toddler attention span).

~ charming, polite and easy to be around most of the time...yes, yes and yes

~ Likes to be around people...yes

~ artistic...yep he loves scribbling and painting etc

~ can be lazy...uh huh, we've got to keep on top of that one lol.

Poppy is a Gemini, this is what hers says:

~ Never at a loss for words...she's only 3 1/2 months old but is far more vocal than Ethan was.

~ Intelligent and loves to learn...she's very observant of her surroundings and is very nosy so I'd say yes.

~ Boredom will turn them into hyper, nervous, angsty children...yep when she's bored she fidgets and moans at me

Both my kids signs seem quite accurate and funnily the ideal mum for both is a Libra or a Gemini...I'm a libra so I'm the perfect mum for my kids lol :-)

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