Preterm Babies (Support Group)

This group is for mom's with preterm babies! Doctors are not always right, they don't know how your baby will develope, or how they will do with other children and with learning. I have a 7 month old son who was 8 weeks premature, all i heard since he was born that he WILL be slower then most children, He WILL not develope properly. It's NOT true my son is caught up on everything sure he doesn't weigh as much as he should, but that does NOT mean there is something wrong with him nor with any of your children! Always look for other opinions and do take what you feel or what your heart tells you serious, most of the time mothers do know best. You don't need a Masters Degree to see if your child is sick or slow in developing, sure there opinion is great but you also as a mother can try your best on what you think! I'm not saying don't listen to the Doctor but do what you feel is best don't expect them to give you the best opinion. Myself not listening to the Doctors actually saved my child's life.