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Misty - posted on 12/08/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




So I have been wondering alot of pro life sites as of late gathering info. I pose this question I do agree that the BC pill is bad if in fact it does abort fertilized eggs and or stops them from attaching this to me is killing life which makes me now never want to take the pill but does all contraception fall into this catagory condoms stop the sperm from reaching the egg is the sperm considered a human and for that matter what about male masturbation. Just looking for opinions cause my head is swimming with all this new info I know for a fact abortion is murder but what about these details of it


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I am highly against all IUDs. They all including Merina prevent a fertalized egg from attaching to the uterine wall. That's why they say if you've ever had an ectopic pregnancy to not use Merina or any other IUD.

From what I know of the pill is that it containes either one or both of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. When I was 4 weeks pregnant with my daughter I was put on a progesterone suppliment to stay pregnant, otherwise I would have miscarried again. Basically most pills cause the body to think it is pregnant and then, it thinks it miscarried. Depending on the pill that can be anywhere from once a month to once every three months. You can get pregnant while on the pill and have a successful pregnancy.

I don't know anything about the shots. From what I've heard from other people the ring and patches work like the pills.

Scientifically speaking... and I got this in my college Biology class. There are only three things that are not defined as alive, minerals (which is obvious), viruses, and sperm. The reasoning behind the viruses and sperm is that they solely run on mitochondrian fuel. Once that energy is up that's it they are gone; and is why they have such a short active span. Further more neither have a nucleous, they are basicly RNA (for sperm) and DNA (for viruses) and mitochondria.

Condoms aren't really an option for us since they are all made of latex. I also believe that masturbation is just plain sick and wrong. Not to mention it can lead to many erectile issues and sperm issues.

Christina - posted on 07/19/2010




My husband and I in the past mostly relayed on condums, we have two beautiful children who are 17 months apart and wanted to wait a while before having a third. When I found out I was pregnant with our third I was happy but a little concerned about the timing. Then I miscarried, I had to go on birth control for a year to be certian that I didn't get pregnant in that time frame because of the reason behind the miscarriage. As soon as the docter told me it was safe to come off the pill I did. I don't like being on the pill, it's like interferring with God's plan for you. Only God will decide when you get pregnant and who many children you have.

Ashley - posted on 01/30/2010




I was on different types of birth control that apparently cause abortion for 6 years of my life and when I found this out I was very upset to think about all of the abortions I may have unknowingly had. That's why I have been doing the same thing and have found that not all forms of birth control do this. I'm pretty sure that any barrier type birth control doesn't abort an already fertilized egg...I was wanting to try the Mirena but now I'm seeing from Kellyn's post that it too can cause abortion...not what I wanted to hear but definitely glad I know now before I get it!!

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It's such a good question, I'm catholic and being catholic they don't want you to use anything that can stop a pregnancy, but seriously, you just can't keep having kids after kids. So here's how I feel about it. The pill does in fact let the egg get fertilized every month (if a sperm reaches to it every month) and then doesn't allow it to attach to the uterus, so it's aborted. Anything that does that, i believe the patch and shot also does, is out of my books. The reason is I was on the pill and only used that for a form of BC, and then i had to take some perceptions which no one told me it would cancel out my BC, so I got pregnant and had my beautiful son. So it does go to show you that I aborted like 18 babies and I can't get over it. But stuff like the condoms, Mirena, those prevent the sperm from getting to the egg, and for that matter it's like your not even having sex, so in my books it's ok. No one can be married and not have sex, it ruins your relationship. So just use something that won't abort a child and you should be fine.

Kellyn - posted on 01/05/2010




I too have been pondering these type of questions. I recently got the Mirena and have been very happy with it until I found out that it could abort an already fertilized egg. As far as I know, any hormonal birth control that you would ingest or that is inserted works this way. It most likely would prevent fertilization, but it also could abort the already fertilized egg.

Condoms and masturbation and all of that are different because condoms prevent the sperm from ever reaching the egg, which is preventing life, not aborting it. And with masturbation, there's no egg ever even involved. Totally different. There's a big difference between allowing the sperm and egg to meet and aborting it, and never even giving them the chance to meet.

My husband and I have abstained since we found out about the Mirena and have still struggled with what else to do. We have decided to using condoms or just using the rhythm method, neither of which appeals to us too greatly. But I would rather have a baby and give it a chance for life than never even give it a chance once the life is created.

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