How Pro-life are you?

Sarah - posted on 01/14/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




When most people say they are "pro-life" they mean they are "anti-abortion". When I say I am pro-life I mean all life. For me to be pro-life means to be against anything that would take the life of any human being no matter what. I am very confused by the people who say they are pro-life, but support the death penalty or war. While I realize that abortion is the foremost issue and the one deserving the most attention because the amount of death that it causes unbelievably outweighs anything else, I still look at the issue as your either for life or against it. Those who are against abortion, but have no problem with other types of murder seem to be saying "I like babies so I don't think we should kill them, but I don't really like murders or Iraqis so lets kill them". Of course as a Christian I look at this issue with two assumptions:
1) All life is given by God, precious, and valuable
2) The power of life and death resides with God, and there isn't a "you had your chance" exception


Cupcakekayla18 - posted on 05/05/2011




I believe people make the choice to go to war and kill others. Babies dont make to choice of their mothers killing them.


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Tammy - posted on 03/28/2011




I am 100% prolife and I'm 100% pro God.

God instituted the death penalty in the Bible. The death penalty is to administer Justice. Justice is to be administered by the governing body. If justice in all it's appropriate forms is administered properly it generally will eliminated the feelings of vengence that is created when justice fails. There are several reasons for the death penalty. Number one, life imprisonment never usually is. It also puts a financial and emotional burden on the "victims" which is also all people in the society. It's supposed to be reserved for those who are a detriment to society. These would be all your repeat offenders. Since God does not define this as murder than neither will I.

In defense of self and others. Self defense is also not considered "murder". Jesus himself told his Diciples that if they did not have a sword to sell their cloak and buy one before they went out to spread the good news. Not to kill unbelievers (because I know their are some who may try to take it that way) but to defend themselves because the "roads" were a dangerous place to be. You could be robed, beaten, or killed. I don't think anyone could really make a claim that in defense of yourself or another that it would be murder.

War, under certian circumstances, has also been "approved" you might say, by God. HOWEVER, before anyone get's all jumpy on that, I do realize that many stupid people have misused God to support their idiotic campaigns. HOWEVER AGAIN, war is generally accepted as a dispute between 2 groups of people. So you would need to determine what that dispute was about. "In defense of self or others" will also be a good measurement for this. In WWII we were dealing with both. We tried to stay out and we were in supposedly peaceful talks with Japan at the time that they bombed us. Sorry, but that was self defense. If you do not defend yourself they keep coming back. The rest of it was in defense of those being slaughtered by Hitler. On 9/11 we were attacked. We did not attack them first. I like the ideal of "talk nice and carry a big stick". Prefer peace but also be preapered to defend yourself from those who were taught differently. The military is the sword a nation carries. Sheathed but kept sharp so that it is ready when needed. Do people die in wars? Sometimes innocent people? Yes, which is why we shouldn't prefer it. But you have to realize, if you don't fight back even MORE innocent people die than if you do.

I think MY question would be, why do so many people who are ok with killing babies in the womb and calling out the so called hypocracy of a prolife person also being pro death penalty, why are they so reluctant to kill someone who is a habitual murderer or rapist or child molester?

Amy - posted on 03/06/2011




I am 100% pro-life !! I completely agree All life is given by God and He is the only one who should be able to determine someones life and death Everyone will be punished when they stand in fron of the Lord and It is only at that time will they reap the punishment they truly deserve taking someone's life is not at all right Abortion is the same as murder to me and it is ok It makes me so mad to know that this is allowed and no one is charged for taking the babies life that precious life was a gift from God and did not ask to be created or killed Those who commit murder will be punished by God

Nellie - posted on 02/16/2011




I am 100% pro life. I would never ever even consider taking a life. I am completely against abortion, war, and capital punishment. However, if someone was threatening the life of my daughter, I would, in that moment, do everything possible to defend her but at the same time I would not willingly take the life of the attempted murderer. If I accedentally took the life of someone trying to harm my child, I wouldn't feel bad, but I am 100% pro life

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I am a pacifist so naturally I don't like war. I understand that people feel the need to defend their homelands but it doesn't make it right. I turned down many offers to join the military because I didn't even want to make something that might be used for killing people.

I find that the idea of a criminal rotting in prision to be a worse fate than that of the death penalty. It is so rarely used now that really I don't know why they have it.

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