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Sometimes, I find it helps if we know a little bit more about each other while reviewing and talking.

I'm 22 years old, married and the mother of a wonderful little boy, Zackary. I'm a Marketing Communication Professional turned stay-at-home Mom and find product reviews very interesting from this perspective. I'm not really "attached" to any product and don't have any sort of "brand loyalty." From this stand point, I make a not-so-good consumer and am not an ideal consumer for any company. I'm cheap, or frugal, if you will, if it's on sale and I need it, I'll buy it. Sometimes I don't need it at all and it sits in the grocery bag for 3 months.

My Husband is a commercial junkie! He can re-site a commercial almost word for word and if he sees a new product in store and has seen the commercial for it, he HAS to have it! It drives me nuts from a personal level, but from a marketing level I find it fascinating.

If a product is terrible, I'm in no way afraid to let the company know my exact thoughts. I will email or call and let them know, demand either a replacement product or a refund. Many times they are more then happy to give me either, sometimes it takes a little bit more effort. 3 years ago I emailed "Spitz" and complained about a terrible tasting bag and I still get samples every few months to this day.

I'm hard to "win back" as well. If a company has recalled a product(situation depending), I will not use their product again.

I'm also am a chain-reaction consumer. If I love a product, I'm one of the first to tell every one one I know. If I hate a product, you better believe I'll be telling everyone about it.

Who are you?


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I'm 44 years old, married and the mother of three wonderful kids 15 year old Emma, 6 year old Kate and 3 year old Rowan. I'm a Payroll Specialist turned stay-at-home Mom and again working 2 days a week as a book keeper and also doing some from home. I do Mystery Shops whereby we reviews products and stores and report them on varying scales for Customer Service, Cleanliness facilities etc.
My Husband is in the Royal Australian Navy and is a Chef. So we tend to move every 2 years.
If a product or service is good or bad I am happy to leave feedback and let them know my positive or negative. I will email, call or write and let them know. Many times Companies contact me to either thank me or send more samples to help me buy there brand again.
Thats me for now....

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My name is Candi. I have been married for almost 14 years. My husband and I have 3 children ages 11, 10, and 5. My husband is in the Army and when I am not in college, I am a stay at home mom going nuts! I don't like to buy a product and regret it b/c it stinks, so I will let the company know: usually I never hear from them. The biggest problem is finding razors that actually shave me without breaking my wallet!! I shop for bargains and we buy things in bulk. We also grow a lot of our veggies. We just moved to Virginia last summer and we are getting used to things being a little more expensive here..I hope to get some good advice and great ideas from this site. I lood foward to hearing from you all

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Alright...I'm Mary (33), married to my husband (28) since Oct. 2006. We have two babies, Miles (2), and Mayah (3mos). I've been a vegetarian since I turned 18. I have a double Masters degree, graduating for the last time in the Spring of 2007. I teach Philosophy at a local College two days a week. It's my dream job, and I get to balance it with staying home with my kids...my other dream job. I wasn't supposed to be able to have kids due to only having one working ovary...show's what MD's know ;-) My husband is in restaurant management, but currently out of work. His last company fired all of their GM's in order to save money...they can pay AM's less money to do the same job...he's applied for about 2000 jobs since november...

I am the LEAST commercial person I know. If I buy something it's because I need it, and I know it works...not because someone told me to buy it...ACCEPT for books...I have 3 floor to cealing bookshelves overflowing with books. We don't watch TV much (no cable), so, I often don't know what "new" products are out on the market. My parents have always told me that I have champaign taste on a koolaid budget...in so far as food goes, that's totally true. I don't eat fast food, ever. I love trying to cook new foods and eating out. I also love to travel...so, any "extra" money we have (none of that lately) goes to those two things...not to buying "stuff".

I am hoping that this group will help me to weed out the garbage on the market witout wasting any money...I am socially and environmentally aware, and try to make sure that the products I choose are environmentally safe and come from socially conscious companies...glad to know you all, and looking forward to learning from and with all of you...

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I'm Sara and have a 2 year old daughter Eliza. I stay at home with her and sell jewelry very part time to bring in a little extra cash. My husband is a nurse in a prison.

We like to live very simply. I don't like having "stuff" around unless it has a useful purpose or it's very pretty. Books are the exception. :) I love decorating my house, but I'm doing it slowly as I have the money. And cheaply too!

When I go grocery shopping, I make a very detailed menu and list based on what I already have and what is advertised on sale in the circulars and what I have coupons for. As a result, I don't try a lot of the new products that come out. That is unless the product is on sale AND I have a coupon for it. I've gotten stuff for pennies or FREE that way! I'm not brand loyal when it comes to food. BUT I do make sure the food I buy is low sugar, made with whole wheat, and if possible organic. When I say low sugar that does not mean sugar free, because sugar free often means an artificial sugar substitute.

When it comes to clothes, I am brand loyal. I buy name brand for my family BUT I also shop smart. I like consignment shopping for my daughter (plus hand me downs from cousins) and I shop sales and with coupons for my husband and I. Quality is important in clothes because I want my family to look nice. Not necessarily in style, but I don't want clothes that will fade or shrink or get those little balls on them in the wash. So I buy brand names I trust.

Before I buy anything for my daughter, I look up costumer reviews. I spent hours reading reviews on the Babies R Us website before I registered for anything. I want to get the best for my money, especially when it comes to my baby girl.

For make-up I love Mary Kay, but I will buy what is cheap for day to day use. For cleaning products I'll buy whatevers on sale and use a coupon.

Now as for technological products and gadgets, I could care less. I let my husband pick out the laptop and cell phones and TV and past that we don't have anything on the technological front. Though I wish I'd done research on our TV before buying it (see the Worst Product You've Tried tread).

So that's pretty long, but that's who I am as a consumer!

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