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Which toys do/did your kids love and play with often?

Which toys were a waste of money, either because the kids disliked them or they didn't hold up?


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Mary - posted on 05/30/2010




We have tons of Thomas. Both boys really loved them. We had a V-tech laptop, that thing was great, just like a real one. Air Hogs stomp rockets, simple yet great toy. Duplo Blocks, great. One liked Matchbox cars the other didn't. We have had lots of Woody's & Buzz's. Thought we were through. Now here is the new movie. My boys really loved the the V-Smiles & they got lots of use in the car. Right now it is Lego's.

[deleted account]

Wow that sounds great. I've recently been considering hosting a children's book exchange out of my home. I didn't think about extending it to toys. What a great idea! I'm lucky enough to have a spacious laundry room to store things in if I were to get this started in my community.

Sherry Cullum - posted on 05/26/2010




Just wanted to share this..back in New Mexico they had a great place thatyou go ..sign up.."check out" just like the library..all knds of stuff.they lend out...then return...It was great because when they got tired of just go back AND exchange for something else..NO money...spent! there were all different,puzzles,dolls, learning tools-games, outside equipment, stollers,music ..The BEST for families!!!
When you check anything sign for it, count all peices,
then charges...UNLESS you dont bring back or loose some of peices... I DO hope this will inspire someone to provide this great place here in California too!!

Katarina - posted on 05/18/2010




I love Fisher price toys as well. Most of them are fantastic and I really like the parent guide on the side of each box.

I also really like Vtech toys, although a little pricier.

Right now my son's favorite toys are balls, any one really and his Mega blocks.

I do not like Leapfrog toys. I hate how most if not all of them are bilingual. My son is learning how to speak english right now, he doesn't need confusion.

[deleted account]

Anything from Fisher Price or Discovery Toys my daughter has loved.

We got this little Fisher Price kitchen at a second hand shop for my daughter's first birthday. She still plays with it daily even though I let the batteries go dead and haven't bothered to replace them. When the batteries worked, she could turn the light on and off and each little section of the kitchen either sang a song or said something. Very cute.

We got her a Fisher Price Cozy Coupe from a junk shop not too long ago. She also plays with this daily. When the little girl I babysit comes over, they take turns riding and pushing each other. They also like to fill up the trunk with rocks, sidewalk chalk or put their baby dolls in it.

She also plays with her doll house, tea set and baby doll stroller pretty often. (doll house) (tea set)

Don't have a link for the stroller. It's the only thing NOT Fisher Price so far.

She also has two things from Discovery Toys that she LOVES. (measure up cups) (giant pegboard)

I like this company because the toys are simple and don't do much. That means my daughter will spend lots of time manipulating the toys and discovering things on her own. I see her building simple math and physics concepts through play. The toys come with parent guides.

**edit**I didn't realize the Discovery Toys links would take you to the catalog which you have to download. Sorry.

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